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Books & websites discussing divorce & remarriage

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bullet Marriage and civil unions

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U.S. data on divorce rates:

bullet Americans for Divorce Reform has collected a great deal of information at:
bullet Divorce magazine has a very detailed listing of U.S. divorce statistics at:
bullet The National Center for Health Statistics reports are at:
bullet National Vital Statistics Reports can be found at

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Books dealing with separation, divorce and remarriage:

The following books deal with divorce and remarriage, from a biblical perspective. All are written by conservative Christians:

bullet J.E. Adams, "Marriage, divorce and remarriage in the Bible," Zondervan, (1986). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store
bullet Stephen Gola, "Divorce: God's Will," Trafford Publishing (2003). Read reviews or order this book This book favors divorce in response to unsalvageable marriage breakdown.
bullet H.W. House, Ed., "Divorce and remarriage: Four Christian views," InterVarsity Press, (1990)Read reviews or order this book. We recommend this book to all Evangelical Christians. It is not a simple read. However, if you are trying to make a decision that will profoundly affect your life, it is worthwhile learning about the full range of conservative Protestant beliefs on divorce and remarriage.
bullet Craig S. Keener, "And marries another: Divorce and remarriage in the teaching of the New Testament," Hendrickson Publ., (1993). Read reviews or order this book.
bullet Sherman Nobles, "God is a Divorcé too!," Tate Publishing, (2005). Read reviews or order this book. The author concludes: "For too long, the church has been judge, jury, and persecutor of divorcées—the exact opposite of what Jesus and the Apostles taught and lived!

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Internet sites dealing with separation, divorce, and remarriage:

bullet Americans for Divorce Reform supports "cultural and legislative efforts to reduce divorce." See:
bullet Lee Bordon, "Divorce and Your Faith," at:
bullet Divorce Care conducts seminars and runs mutual support groups in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. See:
bullet DivorceLawFirms is "dedicated to informing the public about divorces as well as providing the service of locating local attorneys and law firms for anyone in the United States." See:
bullet Divorce Magazine publishes information about separation and divorce. See:
bullet Divorce Net has family law information, solutions, news and community. See:
bullet The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) maintains a Separation and Divorce Resource Listing at:
bullet The ELCA also maintain a list of recommendations to their individual congregations on how to support divorcing couples at:
bullet Bill Ferguson has a "Divorce as Friends" web site with dozens of articles, books, videos, etc. See:
bullet Stephen Gola has a conservative Christian web site "Divorce Hope: Destroying the yokes of shame and guilt"  which advocates divorce when a marriage cannot be salvaged. See:
bullet Jean Mahserjian has a family and matrimonial law web site with extensive information on divorce, mediation, etc. See:
bullet MarriageDivorce is a conservative Christian web site that regards marriage as an unbreakable covenant with no possibility of divorce. See:
bullet Millennium Divorce "provides information and services on a wide variety of issues related to separation, divorce and child custody throughout all 50 states."  They offer suggestions on how to save your marriage, calculators to help predict child support, etc. They list attorneys, mediators, professionals who handle collaborative divorces, etc. by state and county. See:
bullet Online Divorce Information Center is a major resource for information on divorce, ranging from state statistics, resources, information, articles, laws, etc. See:
bullet Sonia C. Solomonson, "Cradled in God's Hand: Rituals remind us that all of life rests in God's care," at:  This is a very moving essay about the importance of rituals in life. It discusses how the author created a personal ritual to recognize her growth after a divorce.
bullet Wikipedia has an essay on divorce in many countries at:

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