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Ectogenesis (the use of an artificial womb):

Part 3:
Speculation on future public opinion.
A novel on the theme of ectogenesis.

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This topic is continued from the previous essay.

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Speculation on future public opinion:

An article in the web site "" by Jason Sunderland discussed the gradual elimination of either males or females from the human population. Women could get along without men by storing up quantities of sperm for future use and dispensing with men. Men could get along without women through the use of stored embryos and ectogenesis, and dispensing with women. Some of the comments by readers of the article were:

  • "Saint Just" posted:

    "People probably don’t need relationships, but will always want them. They’re fun, hurtful, exhilarating, scaring, exciting, dull – and that’s probably just on a Monday. In a world of 999,999 men [on the mainland] and 1 woman on a desert island, I would crawl through a tunnel of broken vinegar bottles in a hepatitis factory to get to the petrol station to fill my car to get to the ticket office for the next boat [to the island]. And I reckon a few women would do the same."

  • The author commented:

    "Something I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to over complicate the article. Artificial wombs are not likely to be healthy for human babies unless they take into account the fetus’ needs for touch, auditory and other sensory needs while in utero. The baby’s nervous system is unlikely to develop normally if these factors aren’t managed."

  • "Omega" posted:

    "Artificial wombs (Ectogenesis), growth of embryos in an external flask: to lift the danger, risk of natural pregnancy, provide healthier offspring, correct genetic errors, and “improve offspring will become the preferred and default method of human reproduction in the future.

    It is the successor to the old, risky and sometimes dangerous natural pregnancy. Of course some people will still do natural pregnancy, but their offspring will thus be significantly inferior and basic compared ectogenesis-born babies.

    The facilities that provide ectogenesis services will become as normal as medical clinics are today."

  • Bruce Robinson, the webmaster of this web site, posted:

    "There is one factor that makes the elimination of men or women unlikely: sexual orientation. About 95% of the human population is heterosexual, 5% bisexual and 5% homosexual. Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals may be content with only their sex surviving. But the vast majority of humans " the heterosexuals " will be very unhappy. 1

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A novel on the theme of ectogenesis:

book cover image Ben A Sharpton, "The 3rd Option," Belle Isle Books, (2013). Available in Paperback for $14.36 US plus postage, or in Kindle format for $3.88. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

Amazon book description:

"Allan Chappel enrolled in seminary to change the world, but people lied and people died, and he turned in his clerical collar for an office cubicle. Now, years later, the ghosts of his past are back to haunt him, and they're uglier and more powerful than before. When the offices of a new medical think tank called Inc.Ubator are destroyed in a fiery blast, Allan finds himself the prime suspect and the target of an international manhunt. Forced into hiding, he sets out to find the terrorists responsible and clear his name. But his quest for answers only leads to more questions: What were the researchers at Inc.Ubator hiding? And who was willing to spill blood to keep their work a secret? Allan must stay alive long enough to untwist the truth. Unfortunately, the forces opposing him will stop at nothing to prevent the release of the 3rd Option."

  • Winner of Readers View Reviewer's Choice Award for South East Region.

  • Finalist in the ForeWord Book Of The Year contest in the Action & Adventure category.

  • Finalist in the Chanticleer Reviews Paranormal Book Contest,

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Other book reviews:

Kirkus Reviews: "A fast-paced, timely medical thriller that touches on some of the most sensitive issues of the day."

Peter Wallace, host of Day 1 Radio:

""This is the kind of rare thriller that I love--one that grabs you on page one and won't let you go until the satisfying conclusion. The 3rd Option is smart and fresh, combining timely issues with thoughtful insights, relatable characters, and shocking twists. It makes you think while it makes your heart race."

Dr. Larry Poston, Nyack College:

"With so many literary themes being currently repeated seemingly ad infinitum, it is a pleasure to read a book that introduces new and stimulating ideas. This is especially true when such a work deals with current issues of vital importance both to spiritually-oriented persons and secularists alike... The book provides many excellent points for discussion that bring balance to such works as Michael Crichton's A Case of Need. Highly recommended for small group discussions and for college classes."

Eileen Johnson for Readers' Favorite:

"...A well-written thriller... this novel is a wonderful read!"

Jennifer Haas, Readers Views/Blog Critics

"I don't think I have read a mystery novel yet that has been so clear cut, leaving behind all that extra that readers may find unnecessary. Not only do I highly recommend The 3rd Option, but I would buy it for all my mystery-loving friends."

Bruce Robinson, webmaster of this web site:

"Without qualification, I can say that this book is the best fictional work that I have read in two decades. However, it is also the only fiction book I have read in 20 years. Writing essays for this web site keeps me busy reading an enormous number of non-fiction books. I found this novel to be fast paced; the characters were well developed and easy to identify with. The book describes how individuals who have dedicated their lives in favor of one side of a moral debate would act in a profoundly immoral way -- events that I had never previously considered.

As of 2014-SEP, the book has received 22 reviews by of which 18 are five stars -- the highest rating -- and the rest were all 4's.

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Reference used:

The following information source was used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlink is not necessarily still active today.

  1. Jason Sutherland, "The end of women," Intentious, 2012-FEB-05, at:

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Original posting: 2014-AUG
Latest update: 2014-SEP-16
Author: B.A. Robinson

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