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Links to web sites dealing with
employment & volunteering:

Jasmine Dyoco collected the following resource. She works for EducatorLabs, a group of school librarians and media/market research specialists who provide resources for teachers.

She prepared the following list of web site links to help individuals seeking employment:

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Aaron Mead of the ReadyJob team supplied the following resources related to employment:

Devon Feuer wrote an article on Xippa titled "How to get an internship."

Job Gurus is a Canadian web site listing job opportunities sorted by province, category, title, and employer.

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Sponsored link:

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A site of interest to future U.S. general contractors:

  • General Conractors License Guide is a "... central hub for everything you need to know to get your general contractors license." The web site has a separate article for each state.

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Volunteering suggestions and opportunities:

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Notes to the users:

  • If you know of any similar resources not listed above, please email the URL to us via this link: E-mail us about errors, etc.

  • Also, if you find a broken link, please email us. The Internet is a volatile place. Web sites are in a state of flux and often disappear.

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