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End of the world prophecies


Predictions that a major world transition
was going to happen on 2012-DEC-21.
All viewpoints. Our predictions.

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This web site lists many dozens of prophecies that predicted the end of the world would occur at various dates in our past. They have one factor in common: all of them have totally failed. This perfect record continued on 2012-DEC-21 with the failure of a prediction based on the rollover of the Mayan calendar at the 2012 Winter Solstice on DEC-21.

The ancient Mayan's and their modern descendents considered this date as the ending of one approximately 5 millennia-long calendar interval, and the start of the next. Its significans was comparable to a New Yorker taking down the previous year calendar on JAN-01 and putting up a fresh calendar for the new year.

Many western authors and webmasters reached a much more pessimistic prediction; they expected some form of doomsday for humanity, or for all life on Earth, or even for the Earth itself. Other authors were more optimistic; they predicted some form of positive spiritual transition on that date.

Negative expectations for the day were held in advance by about 1 in 4 American adults, and about 1 in 10 persons worldwide.

We expect that some authors will cook up a new doomsday date, at some time during the 2020's, and start beating the drums in the near future for a new Armageddon. Sadly, an author without ethics can make a lot of money scaring the wits out of people.

Topics covered in this section:

bullet Overview. Acceptance by the public. Our prediction

bullet Timer. Humor. Various specific predictions

bullet The original basis for the year 2012 prophecy. Various interpretations


Will the world/universe end on 2012-DEC-21?: Part 1  Part 2

bullet Some specific predictions of (mostly) destructive events sometime in 2012

bullet The latest archeological findings about the Mayan calendar and the date 2012-DEC-21

bullet Reviews of books and videos describing the year 2012 prophecy.
bullet Predictions of the Earth's massive or total destruction due to the planet "Nibiru" et al. (2003 to 2012)
bullet An essay by Joseph R. Jochmans: Hell, Heaven or Hype? - Six facts about what will really happen in 2012

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bullet Predictions of the end during 2010 and later

bullet Premillennialism and other competing Christian theories about the end of the world.

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