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End of the world prophecies on or about 2012-DEC-21

Some specific predictions of (mostly)
destructive events sometime in 2012.
None of them actually happened.

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Predictions of the world's end sometime in 2012:

  • 2012: Patrik Geryl predicted a pole reversal. This is not the reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles where the North Magnetic Pole relocates to the South Magnetic Pole. This has happened many times in the past. Geryl is predicting that the North Pole and South Pole will reverse and cause the Earth to start rotating in the opposite direction. He does not explain from where the required energy will come. The Earth functions as a gigantic gyroscope. The energy required to rotate the poles would be immense. There aren't any levers or forces in the solar system that could produce such a transition. 1

  • 2012: Michael Drosnin, author of "The Bible Code," found a hidden message in the Pentateuch (the first five books in the Bible). It predicted that a comet will crash into the earth in 2012 and annihilate all life. As a minimum, I suspect that at least one species would have survived: cockroaches. They seem immune to all environmental disasters. If evolution is true, then we need not worry too much. As long as some species of life survives, one or more intelligent species will eventually evolve. They will probably have opposable thumbs, large brains, two ears and eyes. But they probably would not look much like present-day humans.

  • 2012: Kev Peacock predictd that the Sun's magnetic field will reverse, and induce a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field. This would have caused massive geothermal and tectonic catastrophes. Something may happen to the mythical island of Atlantis which many people believe disappeared beneath the waves many thousands of years ago. Presumably, it will surface.
  • 2012: Vijay Kumar predicted that World War III was most likely to happen around 2012, and that this would have been followed by a permanent state of spiritual elevation. "Beyond 2012 it shall only be harmony and peace all over." It will be called "the golden period." However the transition would result in the deaths of millions of people -- both innocent and those guilty of crimes. Bhagwan Kalki, a spiritual master of the highest order, was predicted to deliver humanity from today's ills. 2

  • 2012-DEC-09: John Kinyanjui predicted that within 1335 days after that date will: "... bring global earthquake and tsunamis. That interval concluded about mid January in 2013 without any major disturbance. Kinyanjui believed that when the destruction occured, any time after the new moon, then the Serpent would take credit and misguide many into error. The devil knows scripture and believes prophecy. In the years when the 1260 years began their countdown, he believes that the Devil created his own countdown now known to us as the Mayan prophecies. The Lord will be testing us if we know and love the Lord God. The Lord will find the hearts of men deluded and misplaced. In jealous rage, God will cause a terrible destruction against all who are therein deceived." 6

    Apparently, although God the Father and Jesus continually promoted forgiveness by humans toward other humans, this behavior does not extend to God.

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Predictions of the world's end specifically on 2012-DEC-21:

  • Planet X: This was the name given by astronomer Percival Lowell to a planet that he believed existed beyond the orbit of Neptune. Although his calculations were off, and the discovery of Pluto accounted for his observations, some have suggested that a new Planet X -- "... an unseen object at least as large as Jupiter and possibly a brown dwarf" 3 -- might be disturbing the orbits of long period comets. Others have speculated that this may be evidence for a brown dwarf star existing as part of a binary system with our sun. (Most of the stars in our galaxy are binaries.) They suggest that interaction between our sun and the brown dwarf may be increasing the temperature of the sun, generating global warming on Earth, and will cause an increase in the severity of the next peak in the 11 year sunspot cycle in the year 2011-2012. These influences may destroy the Earth's magnetic field, and induce what Emmanuel Velikovsky called a ELE: an Extinction Level Event. 4
  • Terence McKenna: He is webmaster of "The Final Illusion" web site. He predicts that on 2012 at "the moment of the [winter] solstice and the heliacal rising of the galactic center, levels of planetary novelty will exponentially increase." The results of this "ultranovel event" are difficult to predict, but may include "Hyperspatial Breakthrough, Planetesimal Impact, Alien Contact, Historical Metamorphosis, Metamorphosis of Natural Law, Solar Explosion, Quasar Ignition at the Galactic Core." Some of these don't sound too healthy for life on earth. 5 I am personally hoping for the latter, because it would take about 50 millennia for any effects of that ignition to impact earth -- long past my life expectancy.

  • Email: A visitor to our web site predicts that three days after the solstice, on DEC-24, one third of the Oort cloud will rain down on the earth. The Oort cloud is a massive collection of comets that encircle the solar system beyond the ex-planet of Pluto. Devastation would be total. It is unclear why such a large part of the Oort cloud would suddenly implode and zero in on the Earth's location.

  • Email:  Another visitor suggests that a new cosmic cycle will begin after midnight on DEC-24. The sun will collide with another sun made of antimatter producing a "humungous nuclear explosion" which will turn every living entity -- from humans to microorganisms on Earth to ashes or dust. The 4th dimension will be "thrust upon Earth right after midnight." You might want to make certain that your insurance policies are paid up to date!

  • Email: Ric Steiner wrote: "On December 21st, 2012, the ZODIAC will be in perfect alignment for the first time in some 24,000 years. Those who worship Lucifer and Satan are already anticipating that he will manifest bodily on Planet Earth on or near that day. Even the top guns of those huge radio and television pulpits now have their sticks in the pot. 'Maybe,' they say, 'it just might be coincidental with the Second Coming.' So, in toying with it, they keep it on the back burner or even place it on the top shelf."

  • Email: The "Moksha with Kalki" team sent us an Email saying that Kalki has returned as his second incarnation to prepare 144,000 descendents of the original Hindus of ancient India. The latter came with him on his first incarnation. Those of this select group who wish to attain Moksha (release from the endless suffering of being trapped in endless reincarnations) are referred to website for further instructions. Unfortunately, about 99.998% of the world's population -- those who aren't included in this small group -- were predicted to be exterminated on 2012-DEC-12 when the world is destroyed. 

Webmaster's comment:

Needless to say, like all previous predictions of the end of the world, none of these ocurred. As I am writing this near the end of 2020-JAN, the world is still functioning.

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The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

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