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Prophecies about the end of the world

Books and Internet sites dealing with this topic

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Novels about the end of the world:

Tim F. Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins. Their "Left Behind" series series of novels has been fabulously successful. It is written from a conservative Christian perspective, and includes beliefs in the rapture, Antichrist, premillennialism, etc. They are published by Tyndale House. These books each have hundreds of reviews by readers on the web site. We have listed the paperback versions; hardcover editions are also available:
  1. "Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days " Read reviews/ buy this book
  2. "Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind" Read reviews/ buy this book
  3. "Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist " Read reviews/ buy this book
  4. "Soul Harvest: The World takes sides" Read reviews/ buy this book
  5. "Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed " Read reviews/ buy this book
  6. "Assassins: Assignment -- Jerusalem, Target -- Antichrist" Read reviews/ buy this book
  7. "The Indwelling: The Beast takes possession,Read hundreds of reviews/ buy this book
  8. "The Mark: The beast rules the world," Read over 100 reviews / buy this book
  9. "Desecration: Antichrist takes the throne," Read reviews/ buy this book
  10. "The Remnant, On the Brink of Armageddon," (2003-FEB) Read reviews/ buy this book
bullet Brian Caldwell, "We All Fall Down." Read reviews/ buy this book This novel has been given the highest rating by all eight of the customers who reviewed the book. One wrote: " 'We All Fall Down' isn't simply a good read - it's an artistic work of true literary merit. When reading this novel, I found myself thinking of the likes of Kafka, Camu, Dostoyevski, Ellison, Conrad, and Steinbeck."
James BeauSeigneur, "The Christ Clone Trilogy": 
  1. "In His Image" Read reviews/ buy this book
  2. "Birth of an Age" Read reviews/ buy this book
  3. "Acts of God" Read reviews/ buy this book

This trilogy is also very highly recommended by customers. One wrote: "With the Christ Clone Trilogy...James BeauSeigneur clearly establishes himself or a par with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien!"

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Other books on the Millennium:

bullet Tom McIver, "The end of the world: An annotated bibliography," McFarland & Company, (1999) You can read a review and perhaps buy this book from online bookstore. "This bibliography contains careful and bias-free annotations of close to 3,500 works written over many centuries about the end of the world." It mainly lists Christian sources, but also includes some Jewish, Islamic, psychic and occult predictions. An reader regards this book as "Indispensable for serious researchers.
bullet Ted Daniels, Ed., "Doomsday Reader: Prophets, Predictors and Hucksters of Salvation," New York University Press, (1999). Read reviews/buy this book from This book "examines the writings left by a number of millenarian prophets, ranging from Zoroaster to David Koresh. It points out the common threads that unite these beliefs and tries to explain the impulse towards the world's perfection that unites them all."
bullet S.J. Gould, "Questioning the Millennium: A Rationalist's Guide to a Precisely Arbitrary Countdown.", Harmony Books, (1997) Read a review/buy this book from "...Gould addresses three questions...what is the concept of a millennium and how has its meaning shifted over time? How did the projection of Christ's 1,000-year reign become a secular measure? And when exactly will the millennium begin...?"
bullet M.R. LeGault, "Worried about the year 2000? Nature doesn't care.", The Globe and Mail newspaper, Toronto ON, 1997-NOV-15. A review of S.J. Gould's book.
bullet Alex Heard, "Apocalypse pretty soon: Travels in end-time America," W.W. Norton, (1999) Read reviews/ buy this book from " engagingly sane book that acknowledges the cultural need for eccentrics and weirdos..."
bullet Thomas Robbins, S.J. Palmer, Eds., "Millennium, Messiahs, and Mayhem: Contemporary apocalyptic movements," Routledge, (1997) Read reviews/ buy this book from  "...a fine anthology, with papers ranging from the highly theoretical to the purely descriptive. The selections give the reader a thorough and systematic introduction to the varied apocalyptic movements, secular and religious, out there."
bullet D. Thompson, "The end of time: Faith and fear in the shadow of the millennium," University Press of New England, (1999) Read reviews/ buy this book from "...identifies the Zoroastrian, Hebrew, and Christian origins of millennarian and apocalyptic beliefs, then explores the repeated sociopolitical eruptions caused by these volatile beliefs."
bullet E.J. Weber, "Apocalypses: Prophecies, cults and millennial beliefs through the ages," Harvard University Press, (1999) Read reviews/ buy this book from "Weber traces millennial beliefs as professed through the ages. From ancient and pre-Christian times to the present day.."
bullet Many conservative Christian books about the Millennium are available from your local Evangelical Christian bookstore.

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Web sites devoted to the millennium and end-time prophecy:

According to a poll taken by Rapture Ready at, the most popular Christian prophecy web sites are, in order of decreasing popularity:

bullet Jack Van Impe Ministries at 
bullet Millennium Weekend at:
bullet Prophecy Central at: 
bullet Lamb and Lion Ministries at: 
bullet Kiononia House at: 
bullet Prophezine at: 

Other web sites are:

bullet "Disaster Countdown," at:
bullet "White Dove - Prophecy about the End of the World," at:
bullet The Rapture Ready web site has a listing of world events that the Webmaster believes are related to the rapture, arrival of the Antichrist, etc. See: They have a list of failed prophecies at:  
bullet The End Times Information Center has a Web page at:
bullet Ted Daniels, founder of the Millennium Watch Institute has collected prophetic texts associated with the millennium since 1992. The collection is stored in their book collection of the Deidrich-Van Pelt Library Center at the University of Pennsylvania. See:
bullet "It's the end of the world as we know it...again" is a light-hearted site that discusses the end of the world. It has many links to similar sites. See:
bullet "Modern End-of-the-World Theories," disasters due to alien invasion, asteroid strike, climate change, epidemic, planetary alignment, nuclear war, overpopulation. See:
The Center for Millennial Studies deals with the coming conclusion of the current millennium at the end of the year 2001:
  1. Their home page is at:
  2. They have a list of Millennial Sites at:
  3. They have an essay on the year 1000 CE called "The Year 1000: Apocalyptic Year Extraordinaire, or A Year Like Any Other?" at:
bullet Chris Nelson, "A brief history of the apocalypse," at: This web site contains over 200 references to end-of-the-world predictions which have not come true.
bullet Rabbi S.M. Stahl, "Religious concerns on approaching the Millennium," at:
bullet "'Project Megiddo' warns of cult violence, religious terrorism as new millennium approaches," AANEWS, 1999-OCT-20.
bullet "Prophecy: What the Bible Says About the End of the World," Newsweek magazine, cover story, 1999-NOV-1, as reported in AANEWS for 1999-OCT-25.
bullet Additional lists of end-of-the-world predictions:
bullet A Brief History of the Apocalypse
bullet It's the End of the World as We know It...Again
bullet Joseph Smith as a Prophet - concerning predictions by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church
bullet Knowing the day and the hour
bullet Prophecy Fulfilled - concerning prophecies of Judaism, Christianity and the Baha'i faith
bullet Tracking '98 Predictions - Predictions for 1998 from a variety of psychics. 
bullet Watchtower Dates - mainly concerning predictions by the Jehovah's Witnesses.
bullet "Doomsday Religious Movements, Report # 2000/03," Canadian Security Intelligence Service, at:

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