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Environmental concerns

Specialist web sites dealing with climate
change and other environmental news

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Links to specialist web sites:

Below are lists of links to two types of web sites:

  • Those that report on scientific developments in climate change and other environmental news, and

  • Those that deny climate change exists, or that it has a human cause.

We do this for two reasons:

  • We want to provide a balanced presentation on our web site.

  • We feel that it is important for our web site visitors to study both sides of the debate, so that they can read what their opposition believes and why they believe it. This is the best way to fully understand one's own position.

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For news on climate change and global warming, we recommend:

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For news on climate change denial:

They normally use the term "global warming" rather than "climate change." That may be because global warming is easier to discount whenever a cold snap occurs.

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A list of spiritual books from

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Originally posted: 2013-MAY-11
Author: B.A. Robinson

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