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Global warming and other environmental concerns


Religions and the environment

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Some of the essays in this section are written by Vladimir Tomek and are strongly critical of the Christian churches' lack of reaction to environmental degradation. If you feel that these are not representative of your faith group's stance, we invite you to consider submitting an essay in rebuttal. We will consider publishing it in this section of our web site.

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Topics covered in this section about religion's responses to the environmental crises are:

bullet Introduction
bullet Is there a role for religion to play?
bullet Responses by non-Christian religions to the environmental crisis
bullet Responses by Christian faith groups:
bullet Background information
bullet Dominion Theology and Genesis 1:26
bullet Roman Catholic Church
bullet National Council of Churches and inter-faith groups
bullet Fundamentalist and other Evangelical denominations

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Useful references:

  1. "World scientists' warning to humanity," Union of Concerned Scientists, 1992-NOV-18, at:
  2. "Publications," Union of Concerned Scientists, at:
  3. The Plurality Calendar is a resource of information about cultural and ecological celebratory times as well as religious/spiritual holidays and national/global events. See:
  4. Uniblue Research Labs has produced a beta version of a LocalCooling program to help you save energy consumed by your computer. See:

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Available books:

A search of's data base for "global warming" returned the following books. If you receive a generic Amazon ad below, please click on your browser's refresh key.

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Originally posted: 2006-JUL-02
Latest update: 2008-AUG-10
Author: B.A. Robinson

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