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Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS)


Developments in the U.S.

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Back in 1998-JUL, according to an article in USA Today, physician assisted suicide (PAS) was:

bullet Permitted in Oregon under very tightly controlled conditions.
bullet Not specifically mentioned in the laws of North Carolina, Utah, or Wyoming.
bullet Criminalized by laws in the remaining states and the District of Columbia.

Since 2008-NOV, PAS has become available in Washington State, by a public Initiative, and in Montana, by a court decision.

In Canada, assisted suicide comes under the federal Criminal Code of Canada and is a prohibited in all ten provinces and three territories. A few people who helped suffering terminally ill people to commit suicide have been charged under this law; all have been found innocent or given suspended sentences.

Because of lack of resources we will not report on state PAS activities in the future, whether public Initiatives or legislative bills unless they are successful or notable for some other reason. If you wish to access information of this type, we suggest that you go to the Death With Dignity website at:

PAS topics covered in this section:

bullet In Oregon
bullet In Washington state
bullet Failed initiative, court case and legislative attempts
bullet Initiative 1000 in 2008:
bullet Background, text, support, opposition
bullet Misinformation, opt-out, I-1000 passed, first suicide
bullet In Montana
bullet In California
bullet In other States: Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, and New York
bullet Nationaly activity: U.S. Supreme Court decision, federal bills, survey of physicians.
bulletFederal and state developments from the year 2000 to now

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bullet Does PAS actually increase pain of dying patients?

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Author: Bruce A Robinson
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