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Major developments during 2000:

bullet 2000-FEB-29: Arizona: AAANEWS reported that Karen Johnson (R-Mesa) wants to introduce legislation that would require teachers to "present scientific evidence that" both supports and does not support "the theory of evolution." It is HB 2585. In an interview with Associated Press, she asked "If you come from a little bit of slime out of a pool, then what's so great about life?  I believe we are children of a heavenly father.  I believe in Adam and Eve -- all of that..." [Author's note: We find this statement confusing. She claims to believe Genesis, which states that Adam was made out of a little bit of mud. Yet mud is not that much different from slime.]
bullet 2000-FEB-29: Virginia: AAANEWS reported that Paul Prunty (D) has introduced a bill which would mandate that schools "give balanced treatment to creation science and evolution science, in classroom lectures, in textbook materials, in library materials, and in other educational materials in public schools to the extent that the lectures, textbook materials, library materials and educational programs deal in any way with the subject of the origin of man, life, the earth or the universe..." It is currently before the House Committee on Education.
bullet 2000-JUN-19: Louisiana: Associated Press reported that the U.S. Supreme Court voted 6 to 3 to uphold the decision of an appeals court and declare a school board's disclaimer policy to be unconstitutional. In 1994, the Tangipahoa Parish school board decided to require its teachers to issue a disclaimer before teaching about evolution. It said that evolution was just "presented to inform students of the scientific concept and [was] not intended to influence or dissuade the biblical version of creation or any other concept...It is the basic right and privilege of each student to form his-her own opinion or maintain beliefs taught by parents on this very important matter...Students are urged to exercise critical thinking and gather all information possible and closely examine each alternative toward forming an opinion."
bullet 2000-JUL-12: Kansas: Creationism - Evolution Drama: According to People for the American Way: The John Scopes trial was reenacted in a University of Kansas theatre. It was created and sponsored by PFAW at a time when many states are passing laws restricting the teaching of evolution. "The long-simmering debate over evolution vs. creation now at a full boil in Kansas has also been on the front burner recently with similar efforts in Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Texas. In Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia legislators introduced anti-evolution bills, while Alabama mandated evolution disclaimers for biology textbooks and Louisiana tried but failed to do the same." 1,2
bullet 2000-JUL-12: Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico and West Virginia: According to People for the American Way
bullet There are bills in the Arizona and Georgia legislatures which would require teachers "to present evidence that support and evidence that does not support the theory of evolution.
bullet Attempts by creationists to rewrite science standards or introduce religiously-based textbooks into their science curricula were defeated in Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico and West Virginia
bullet A publicly funded charter school in Michigan allegedly teaches creationism as a scientific theory. A federal lawsuit has been mounted; the case is pending in a court in Grand Rapids. 1,2
bullet 2000-AUG-1: Kansas: According to AANEWS: Four Republican candidates on the Kansas Board of Education who voted to remove testing on evolution ran for re-election. Three were defeated in a primary election. They were the Board chairperson Linda Holloway, who had championed the creationist cause, Douglass Brown, and Brad Angell. All three were defeated by moderate Republicans. The fourth, Roger Rankin, won his primary. Spending in past elections had been on the order of $500. Holloway raised nearly $90 thousand; her opponent, Sue Gamble, raised $35 thousand. AANEWS reported that "Holloway blamed her loss on 'propaganda' over the creation-evolution debate.  Gamble, though, saw her nomination victory as a rejection of the board's tampering with science standards, and told reporters, 'I think it's a validation of parents and other community people speaking for their schools and quality education.' " 3

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  2. "75 years after Scopes' conviction, creationism-evolution drama is recreated in Kansas Theatre," PFAW, 2000-JUL-12, at:

  3. "Evolution survives in Kansas as voters reject extremist creationist candidates," AANEWS, 2000-AUG-2.

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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