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News during 2006

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Major developments during 2006:

bullet 2006-JAN-10: USA: Clergy Letter Project: This project promotes the teaching of the theory of evolution in American public schools. The Project notes that: "...numerous clergy from most denominations have tremendous respect for evolutionary theory and have embraced it as a core component of human knowledge, fully harmonious with religious faith." It started with an effort in Wisconsin to have Christian clergy sign a pro-evolution statement. It has since gone nation wide, and has as received 10,266 signatures as of JAN-05. 1
bullet 2006-FEB-12: Anniversary of Darwin's birth; Evolution Sunday observed: Today is the 197th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the generally acknowledged discoverer of the theory of evolution. Hundreds of Christian, Unitarian Universalist, and a few other churches across the U.S. will celebrate the day as "Evolution Sunday." Additional religious groups in Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK will participate. Pro-evolution sermons, discussion groups, etc will be given. " ...participating religious leaders will be making the statement that religion and science are not adversaries. And, together, they will be elevating the quality of the national debate on this topic." 2


  1. "Welcome to the Clergy Letter Project," at:

  2. "The Clergy Letter Project presents Evolution Sunday," at:

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