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One site features a video of a panel discussion at the University of Dallas:

bulletOn 2008-MAR-11, the University of Dallas School of Ministry sponsored a panel presentation and discussion titled: "Evolution and Creationism: Scientific and Religious Perspectives." Panelists and topics were:
bullet Marcy Brown-Marsden, PhD: Evolution as a Unifying Scientific Concept
bullet Kevin Fischer: Evolution, The Foundation of Science Education
bullet James McGill: From Chaos to Cosmos - Biblical Accounts of Creation
bullet Matthew C. Ogilvie, PhD: Catholic Teaching on Evolution.

The video is 40 minutes in duration and is available in both high and low resolution. See:

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One web site features creation myths from religions around the world:

bullet The International Association of Intercultural Education maintains an educational web site "The Big Myth." It features a collection of creation myths from around the world. It is optimized for teaching 12 to 14 year olds. See: 

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Some websites have many links to "origins" web sites:

bullet Creation and Evolution Links at:

bullet The Creation/Evolution Reference Database by Thomas Moor is at:

bullet Creation vs. Evolution is a web site prepared by the 1999 ThinkQuest contest team at:

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Creation Science links:

These conservative Christian web sites generally promote the inerrancy of the Bible, a young earth less than 10 millennia old, and the reality of a global flood/genocide in the days of Noah. In alphabetic order, they are:

bullet Answers In Genesis is at:

bullet The Center for Scientific Creation has a web site at:

bullet Christian Geology Ministry uses "science, logic and the EXACT English wording of the King James Bible to MORE PERFECTLY interpret the Genesis Narratives and the Earth's Geology." See:

bullet The Creation Research Society is at:  


CMI logo Creation Ministries International is a group of autonomous creation science ministries. It started with an Australian ministry in 1977 and has since expanded to include New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, UK/Europe, and the U.S. See:  Past issues of their Creation magazine can be accessed at: Archives for their Journal of Creation are at

bullet Creation Science is a web site by a group of scientists at:

bullet The Creation Studies Institute operates Discovery Museum in Fr. Lauderdale, FL. They offer training courses for students of all ages, a newsletter, videos, quarterly magazine, etc. See:

bullet "Faith with Reason: Why Christianity is True" is a 110 page book by Joseph Farinaccio that has been posted to this web site with the permission of BookSpecs Publishing.  According to the publisher, the book " geared towards those who want to get to the heart  of   worldview disputes between Christians and unbelievers....[It] Plainly explains the naturalistic faith-based assumptions of Darwinism and five reasons why evolution is easily disproven [sic]...." Chapter 10 "Creation or Evolution" starts on Page 78. It is a 734 KB file, so it may load slowly. You may need software to read these files. It can be obtained free from:

bullet The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has a research center and radio program. See:

bullet In the days of Noah is an online book by Allan Ask.

bullet An invitation to the truth, by Harun Yahya, is a creation science site featuring books written from a Islamic perspective. See:

bullet "Jesus, Dinosaurs and more!" is "a webpage of scientific evidence supporting the biblical account of creation," at:

bullet "Moses didn't write about creation!," a book by "Ephriam" attempts to reconcile the Bible account of creation with the findings of science. See:

bullet The Presbyterian Church in America published a Report of the Creation Study Committee in the year 2000. This is a small conservative Presbyterian denomination, not to be confused with the much larger Presbyterian Church (USA). See:

bullet The Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism sponsors a creation science mailing list. A form for joining is at:

bullet The Triunity Report contains many reports critical of various scientific theories. See:

bullet The True.Origin Archive "provides an intellectually honest alternative websites." See:

bullet has a web site at with many links to creation and evolution sites.

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Progressive (a.k.a. old Earth) creationism:

These conservative Christian web sites generally promote the the inerrancy of the Bible, but differ from most creation scientists by teaching that the universe is many billions of years old:

bullet Reasons to Believe is at: They believe that science and the Bible can be harmonized with the concept of God creating the universe billions of years ago.

bullet Evolution in Action at 

bullet Creation, Evolution and Adam is written by "Ed," an Evangelical Christian who describes himself as a "progressive creationist" His web site has frequently been relocated. His introduction is currently posted at:

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