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Divisions within Evangelical Christianity

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The Evangelical movement has been very successful in a number of areas which will profoundly affect the American culture:

bullet Their publicity efforts have been so effective that the terms "Christian" and "Evangelical Christian" are almost considered synonyms by the public.
bullet In the media the term "Conservative" in the political field has almost become a code word for "Evangelical Christian."
bullet They have successfully promoted:
bullet A reduction in the number of comprehensive sex-ed classes in schools,
bullet State laws to prohibit loving, committed same-sex couples from marrying,
bullet FDA regulations to prohibit free purchase of emergency contraception, thus preventing a major reduction in the number of unwanted pregnancies and resultant abortions.
bullet The selection of two constructionist justices for the U.S. Supreme Court.
bullet The passage of many anti-abortion laws including laws against D&X abortions in some states.


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Copyright 2006 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally posted: 2006-MAY
Latest update: 2006-MAY
Author: B.A. Robinson

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