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Religion/science conflicts & "hot" topics

Beliefs about the origins & development
of the species, the Earth, and the rest
of the universe.

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People hold various conflicting beliefs about these topics. They include:

  • Naturalistic Evolution, with the Theory of Evolution as its basis,

  • Young Earth Creationism,

  • Old Earth Creationism,

  • Intelligent Design, and

  • Theistic Creationism.

Only one of these -- or perhaps none -- can reflect reality.

This section discusses beliefs about both:

  • Abiogenists (the origin of life) -- how the first living entity came to be, and

  • the development of all the species of living entities that we observe today, including creation science, intelligent design, theistic evolution, and naturalistic evolution.

Specific topics are:

Introductory essays: (Please read these first)

Beliefs about the origin of the species:

Carbon-14 dating techniques:

The conflicts among evolution, ID, and creation science:

The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament):

How old is the earth and the rest of the universe?

Additional donated essays by visitors to this web site:

Information, books, links, and news events:

Note: The term "billion" is used throughout this web site in its North American sense to refer to one thousand million.

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