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Current news reports on the death penalty

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News items on the death penalty culled from the media:

We originally had a daily newsfeed from in this location. However, that service has apparently been discontinued.

In its place we suggest:

  • IPS news: They offer a free monthly capital punishment newsletter containing "... in-depth reports by IPS correspondents from around the world and columns by experts, in addition to special sections for news from international NGOs and a review of the global media for a glimpse of what is happening on the ground." Enter your Email address at the bottom of their newsletters page at: under the topic: "Monthly Newsletters: Death penalty and the right to life."

  • The Death Penalty Information Center issues reports on executions in the U.S. via Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, RSS feed, Podcast and Email. See the icons at the top of their home page at They also publish year-end reports in PDF format. See:
  • We are still looking for a source of a pro-death penalty newsletter. If you know of one, please E-mail us about errors, etc.

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Installed: 2001-MAR-10
Latest update: 2010-SEP-24

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