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About homosexuality

An exchange of personal beliefs between
Arthur Trafford, a visitor to this web site,
and Bruce Robinson, the site's webmaster
concerning the nature of homosexuality
and how we should react to it.

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Essay submitted by Arthur Trafford:

First of all, I don’t think anyone is born straight or gay.  For the most part all males are attracted to females because they have body parts that the males don’t have; and the same is true for the reason why females are attracted to males.  This union of male and female connection doesn’t need a Biblical mandate from heaven, it is simply a normal, natural selection of male/female compatibility that promotes love and propagates future generations.  Environmental toxins and the imbalance in male or female hormones can disrupt normal sexual attraction and cause someone to desire a different lifestyle (plus, creating the feminization of the male species).

We have a “Free will” to choose a mate or a partner (and God doesn’t stop us from making an out-of-the-norm choice).  Humans should be more like God and try to determine and understand “Why” someone deviates from the “Norm” and at the same time “Not judge them”.

God is a Spirit being who has no body, but He is masculine and feminine and humans are male and female.  Incidentally, the verse that says, “Let US” make man in our image, male and female. The “US” isn’t God and Jesus.  It is the masculine and feminine nature of God that makes us human.   

The GLBT group seems to want everyone to believe that they were born with a same sex attraction.  In reality it is a same “Emotional” attraction that they seek.  Sex isn’t what unites them.  Me telling gays and lesbians that they “generally” have hatred for and fear of the opposite sex or they are “Missing” a healthy relationship with the “Same” gender parent, (And unconsciously end–up deciding to combine adolescent nurturing needs with their post puberty sexual needs and have them met by that one gay or lesbian person they like) is why they seek a “Partner” instead of a “Mate” is a logical presupposition.  A gay or lesbian can more easily understand how to love them and meet their emotional needs.  Telling gays and lesbians that no child wants or needs 2 mommies or 2 daddies, didn’t make the GLBT members happy with me.

I think the biggest mistake that Christians, Jews and Muslims and followers of other religions make is that they embrace the same mind set that healthcare workers have.  They end up focusing on the symptoms (attitudes and actions) rather than the causes of their spiritual, physical or emotional pain in a person’s life. “All” humans have sinned and come short of the Glory of God and that there is “None” righteous, no not one:  Thus humans need to let God be the “Only” Judge; and even if someone is gay or lesbian, then self-righteous judgmentalism towards GLBT individuals just leads heterosexuals to sin against others (gays and lesbians made in the image of God).  Most “People of faith” (Jew, Muslim or Christian etc.) are “Very” hateful, disrespectful and pious in their opposition to same-gender sexual relationships.

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No human is more righteous if they are straight and no human is more sinful if they are gay or lesbian, because we all struggle with our own hidden or damaged emotions that are buried in a sea of pain.  God uses the word “Fool” (a noun) when referring to “His judgment” of someone’s attitude or actions.  Humans should only use the word “Foolish” (an adjective) when describing him or herself or another person’s lifestyle.  It is not our call to condemn gays or lesbians; if they want a “Partner” instead of a “Mate” then we should try to live in harmony with them.

Straight people need to stop being the proverbial bully on the playground and realize you are focusing on torturing gays and lesbians simply because they have chosen a relationship with a same gender person that you aren’t personally attracted to or desire to be with in a romantic way.  And thinking you are “More” righteous than a gay or lesbian proves that you have a delusional mindset that reveals you don’t “Truly love God”!!!

Here is a reality, if 99 % of the world population is heterosexual by choice and design, then this means that almost “All” sins committed on planet earth; murder, rape, incest, lying, stealing, gossip, being motivated by the lust for power, money and fame etc. are done by straight people of faith (since most humans have a religion).  Plus, almost all gays and lesbians have a religious faith and do not embrace Atheism and they too exhibit “All the same righteous acts” that all humans can do in order to please God and their fellow man.          

The bottom line:  May we all try to better understand why we make certain choices in life, learn from our experiences and therefore we can be healed and then we will have more options in life, and have a loving mate or maybe just a loving partner with no child born.

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Contrasting beliefs by Bruce Robinson:

I do not agree with your assertion that:

"... males are attracted to females because they have body parts that the males doesn’t have; and the same is true for the reason why females are attracted to males."

I was born in the mid 1930's, when children were largely raised in ignorance of human sexuality. As a student in about Grade 10, I recall discussing female anatomy with a fellow male student. This was long before comprehensive sex education became common in the schools, the first issue of Playboy was issued, and before pornography became generally available. My only exposure to sex education in public and high school was a class totally devoted to students filling out a questionnaire about what each of us knew about sex. Both of us didn't have a clue about the body parts of the opposite sex. Yet the two of us were both sexually attracted to girls by that time.

I have no specialist knowledge in human sexuality, but I doubt that "environmental toxins and the imbalance in male or female hormones" cause people to have a homosexual orientation. If it were so, then the percentage of persons who discover that they have a homosexual orientation would have risen precipitously in recent years. Instead, it appears to be constant over time at about 5% of the population.

I believe that a person discovers their sexual orientation; they do not choose it. They are free to chose the individual with whom they wish to pursue a sexual relationship, but persons with a homosexual orientation almost inevitably chose a person of the same sex. Similarly, a person with a heterosexual orientation chooses from among the opposite sex. A person with a bisexual orientation may choose to pursue a woman or man. As Woody Allen once said:

"Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."

However, most bisexuals who marry chose a member of the opposite-sex, at least partly because it vastly simplifies their life.

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You mention that when God is referred to as "us" in Genesis 1:1 and elsewhere, the author is referring to God's plural nature. However, there are multiple interpretations of why the author used the plural Hebrew word "Elohim." Some theologians assume that the term refers to the Trinity: three persons in one Godhead. Others note that the creation stories in Genesis were copied from the religious writings of nearby Pagan cultures for whom "God" was plural. There are at least two other reasons for the use of a plural term.

It is no surprise that members of the LGBT community would react negatively to your assertion that children need both a mother and a father, rather than two parents of the same sex. Many studies have been made into the effect on children of their parents' gender(s), but the first study to reach statistically significant findings determined that on some emotional parameters, children with same-sex parents fared equally with those raised by opposite-sex parents. However, on a few parameters, those raised by same-sex parents fared better.

I disagree with your statement that:

"most 'People of faith' (Jew, Muslim or Christian etc.) are 'very' hateful ..."

towards the LGBT community. The two decades that I have been developing this web site have led me to the rather shocking opinion that "Judaism," "Christianity," "Islam," "Hinduism," "Buddhism" do not actually exist. What does exist are multiple "Judaisms," "Christianies," "Islams," "Hinduisms," "Buddhisms," etc. There exist, for example, over 20,000 denominations, sects, and faith groups within Christianity. They interpret the nature of the Bible and the meaning of its passages in many different ways. They reach very different conclusions about deity, humanity, and the rest of the universe. The history of the Middle East can only be understood if one first realizes that there are two main division of Islam: Sunni and Shi'íte, and many subdivisions. Judaism is divided into three large traditions: reform, conservative, orthodox, along with additional smaller traditions. Further, people tend to adopt many personal beliefs -- including beliefs about human sexuality -- at an early age and hold them for the rest of their life. Older teens and young adults who are religiously conservative often hold views on the LGBT community that are similar to older Christian liberals. So, any generic statement about "Christianity" and "Christians" may well be inaccurate.

Alan Chambers, the last leader of Exodus International before it ceased operatons in mid-2013, held conservative Christian views on the LGBT community. Exodus was the main group promoting the use of prayer and therapy to change persons with a bisexual or homosexual orientation into having a heterosexual orientation. After over three decades of Exodus' existence he was forced by his own honesty to admit that the successful conversion rate was zero or essentially zero.

What we are faced with is two solitudes of truth. Religious conservatives base their truth on their interpretation of passages in their holy book, whether it is the Torah, Bible, Qur'an, etc. -- all of which were written well before the scientific method was developed. Church tradition is also important. They concluded that -- and most still hold the belief that -- sexual orientation is chosen by each person. Thus they believe that it can be changed later in life. Religious liberals and scientists base their truth on observation, measurement, and reason. They arrive at opposite conclusions about sexual orientation: that it is determined before birth. is discovered by the individual, and is unchangeable in adulthood.

Whether one believes:

  • The first part of the biblical book of Genesis as literally true -- that two humans were created by God out of mud six millennia ago and became the ancestors of the entire human race, or

  • That human beings and higher apes had one or more common ancestors dating back hundreds of thousands of years and evolved separately since that time up to the present,

it is obvious that adult humans must have an average of two or more children in order for the human species to survive long-term.

In a pre-scientific era before the development of in-vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, this meant that it was important that most marriages consist of one female and one male as spouses. Most humans discover that they have a heterosexual orientation at about the time of puberty. Since persons with a homosexual orientation tend to have fewer children than those with a heterosexual orientation, homosexuality would have been bred out of the human species if it were not for one factor. That is that the same combination of genes that cause a person to have a homosexual orientation also appears to cause his or her heterosexual female relatives to have more children. Thus, homosexual orientation will never disappear nor becomes so prevalent that it threatens the reproductive rate of the human species.

I agree with you that a person''s righteousness and level of sin is unrelated to one's sexual orientation. However, sexual behavior between persons of the same or opposite genders is often sinful if it is not consensual, or is unsafe, or might cause an unwanted pregnancy. I also agree that one should not disparage another person's sexual orientation.

In my experience, married heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals do not use terms like "partner" or "mate;" they generally use "wife," or "husband."

You appear to suggest that 99% of the world's human population has a heterosexual orientation. That would imply that the percentage of adults with a homosexual or bisexual orientation is each less than 1%. These numbers are very difficult to estimate. A polling agency might come up with your numbers by simply phoning people at random and asking them what their sexual orientation is. However, that would not be an accurate measure. The high level of prejudice and physical assaults on the LGBT community would make it likely that few lesbians, gays, or bisexuals would reveal their actual orientation to a stranger over the telephone. Other pollsters attempt to gain the confidence of the person being polled before asking them such a sensitive matter. They get far larger percentages of persons with a heterosexual or bisexual orientation. From the estimates that we have seen, we have adopted the following percentages: approximately 90% of the world's human population are heterosexual, 5% homosexual, and 5% bisexual. This is surprising to most people, because so many believe that homosexuals alone forn in excess of 20% of the population.

I recommend that you drop the use of the term "lifestyle" and use "orientation" instead. A "lifestyle" is something that is chosen. Examples are whether to remain single or seeking a husband or wife to marry, or building a family, or remain childless, or deciding to live in the city, suburbs, or country, etc. Virtually all human sexuality researchers agree that homosexuality is defined by sexual orientation which they have shown is discovered, not chosen. Thus it is not a lifestyle choice.

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How you may have arrived here:

Home > "Hot" religious topics > Homosexuality & Bisexuality > Basic information > here

Home > Homosexuality & Bisexuality > Basic information > here

Original posting: 2016-JAN-17
Latest update : 2016-JAN-17
Author: Arthur Trafford and B.A. Robinson

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