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Introduction to Falun Gong & Falun Dafa:

Part 2

Main beliefs & practices:

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This introduction is continued from the previous essay

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Falun Gong's main beliefs and practices:

According to spokesperson Caroline Lam in Sydney Australia:

"Falun Dafa is not a cult and not a religion and not a sect. There is no leader, there is no form of worship or rituals. Falun Dafa is not involved with politics or against any government." 6


Falun Gong consists of a set of five exercises that promote one's cultivation.

"Three of the exercises involve physical movements and maneuvers while the other two exercises require remaining still for extended periods of time." 4

bullet Membership is open to all. People are free to affiliate and to leave the group.

bullet There are no prerequisites to learning Falun Dafa; there are no dues.

bullet Information is freely available on the Internet, without charge.

bullet There is no paid staff or clergy. All work is done by volunteers.

bullet They do not maintain a list of members' names and other data.


According to the New York Times, Li Hongzhi said that:

"...interracial children are the spawn of the 'Dharma Ending Period,' a Buddhist phrase that refers to an era of moral degeneration. In an interview last year, he said each race has its own paradise, and he later told followers in Australia that, 'The yellow people, the white people, and the black people have corresponding races in heaven.' As a result, he said, interracial children have no place in heaven without his intervention."

bullet As noted below, homosexuality is considered degenerate behavior, on a par with sexual promiscuity.


As noted below, illness is caused by the indwelling of:

"an intelligent entity that exists in another dimension."


The body's vital energy, Qi, can be focused to improve one's health and sense of well being.  But it can also:

"... be used to develop the ability to fly, to move objects by telekinesis, and to heal diseases." 12


Craig Smith, writing for the New York Times, said:

"...the Falun, or Dharma Wheel, and is described by Mr. Li as a miniature of the cosmos that he says he installs telekinetically in the abdomens of all his followers, where it rotates in alternating directions, throwing off bad karma and gathering qi. Many Falun Gong adherents say they can feel the wheel turning in their bellies." 13

and eighty-one previous human civilizations had achieved a higher level of scientific achievement than we enjoy at the present time. However, they were all

"left in complete destruction." 12

bullet A person with qigong training can walk through solid objects, like a wall.

bullet A qigong master emits "gong:" a "high-energy substance that manifests in the form of light."

bullet Individuals with some qigong training can exhibit super-human abilities: clairaudience (being able to hear inaudible sounds), telepathy, precognition, etc. But it takes a qigong master to achieve certain functionality, like alchemy -- the ability to transform one type of substance to another. The latter could tear down a large building using mental power only. They would never do this in practice, because it is forbidden for them to demonstrate their powers. Also, such destruction would cause harm. 10

bullet Karma is a type of black material that encompasses each person's body. It has a physical existence "in another dimension and can transform into sickness or misfortune."

bullet Qigong practitioners can open their "tianmu" -- third eye. When the passage between their third eye and pineal gland can take many shapes: "oval, to round, rhombic to triangular."  A practitioner can see things beyond this world. However, the functioning of the third eye is inhibited at certain practical levels. For example, they are unable to see through walls or clothes, because such a talent would be disruptive to society.

bullet Normal people are aware of only three dimensional existence -- four if you include time. However, a qigong master can see "dozens of levels of dimensions." Time shifting is also possible. 10

bullet There are many living entities on earth that appear to be humans, but in fact are extraterrestrial aliens.

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How a skilled Falun Gong practitioner can make a million dollars:

The James Randi Educational Foundation, a Florida-based group, offers a prize in excess of one million dollars in U.S. funds for anyone who can prove that they have certain super-normal/paranormal/psycic abilities. Some of the above talents would appear to qualify. Walking through a wall, tearing down a structure, exhibiting precognition would certainly appear to qualfy. The Foundation have interviewed many individuals who claim such abilities. They work with each individual to create a test that will prove or disprove the ability. The test is then performed. So far, all individuals have failed. 11

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Beliefs about homosexuality:

The Falun Gong movement appears to treat homosexuality -- presumably homosexual behavior not homosexual orientation -- as a degenerate behavior, on a par with sexual promiscuity:

  • Founder and current leader Li Hongzhi delivered a lecture in Sydney, Australia in 1996. 7 In it, he made a passing reference to homosexuality, saying:

    "...the morality of human society has altogether declined. The moral values in people’s hearts have been corrupted. When there is no righteous mind, it means that the Fa [law, principle, way] is no longer effectual. When the Fa is no longer effectual in human society, mankind will decline. ...The change in human society has been quite frightening! People would stop at nothing in doing evil things such as drug abuse and drug dealing. A lot of people have done many bad deeds. Things such as organized crime, homosexuality, and promiscuous sex, etc., none are the standards of being human." (Emphasis ours).

  • In New York City during 1997, he said during a lecture:

    "I often say that humankind has gone through different historical periods before arriving at this day. In other words, many, many times humankind was wiped out after experiencing catastrophes at different points in history. ...Some people talk about how great Greek culture was, but where did those people go? Today something from Greek culture can be found: The elements of Greek culture that have been left are definitely from the final period of Greek civilization’s development, and we’ve found that there was homosexuality in it as well, along with promiscuous sex, and in addition, life was really extravagant and wasteful, corrupt, and terribly degenerate; we can see that humankind had already deteriorated terribly....Aren’t humans in a dangerous state? Your government permits something, your country permits it, your nation permits it, and even you approve it in your thinking, but it isn’t necessarily good. That’s why if you look at today’s society you can see that drug use, drug trafficking, drug making, sex changes, homosexuality, sexual freedom, organized crime, etc., emerge in an endless stream. Selfishness and desires have made people enemies of one another and without any righteous thoughts. All kinds of phenomena of a degenerate human society abound." (Emphasis ours). 8

These beliefs about the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual community agree closely with those in the conservative wing of Christianity. However, they are at complete odds with beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity promoted by all the leading therapy groups in North America and Europe, by most religious liberals and secularists. Human sexuality researchers have found that homosexuality and bisexuality are discovered, not chosen, and are normal and natural for a minority of humans.

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This introduction continues in the next essay

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Copyright 1999 to 2015 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 1999-NOV-26
Latest update: 2015-OCT-06
Author: B.A. Robinson

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