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Overview of the Church:

This group is formally named the: Fellowship of Independent Missionary Communities, but is generally referred to as The Family. They are a high-demand faith group that requires great personal commitment on the part of its members. They emphasize Jesus' teachings against loyalties to one's family-of-origin. They stress Jesus' preaching in favor of poverty and a simple life. The group merges traditional Evangelical Christian beliefs and practices with the belief in universal salvation, contacts with spirits, communal living, and free love among adults within the group. They are a favorite target of the counter-cult movement who attack its unorthodox theological beliefs. They are also attacked by the anti-cult movement who accuse it of mind control and criminal sexual practices involving children. The latter accusations appear to be have had some basis in fact in the past. However, the group has taken efforts to prevent such abuse from occurring in the present and future. They are a popular subject for study by academics who are interested in new religious movements. All studies that we have found have given The Family a clean bill of health in recent years.

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Essays contained in this section:

bullet Origins and history of the denomination
bullet The Family's beliefs and practices
bullet Beliefs about homosexuality
bullet Persecution of The Family; recent developments; is The Family a cult?

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Additional books and articles on the Children of God.

Some of these are highly biased against the group. We recommend that you read the book reviews to get an assessment of each book:

bullet William Sims Bainbridge, "The Endtime Family: Children of God," State University of New York Press, (2002). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store
bullet James D. Chancellor, "Life in the Family: An Oral History of the Children of God," Syracuse University Press, (2000) Read reviews or order this book
bullet Deborah Davis (Linda Berg) & Bill Davis, "The Children of God: The Inside Story," Marshall Pickering, (1985). Read reviews or order this book
bullet W. Douglas Pritchett, "The Children of God/Family of Love: An Annotated Bibliography," Garland Publishing, (1984). Read reviews or order this book
bullet "The Family - What Are The Facts?" [Special Edition], 1992-OCT/NOV, TACL the periodical of Concerned Christians, Growth Ministries, 50 Carcoola Street, Nollamara, Western Australia, 6061.
bullet David E. Van Zandt, "Living in the Children of God," Princeton University Press, (1991). Read reviews or order this book

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