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bullet "It is emptiness and hopelessness that make people vulnerable to false prophets, cult leaders . . . who help them become true believers...again, secure in the comfort of new absolutism." M.B. Smith

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Facilitated Communication is a method by which individuals with autism or similar communication disabilities who cannot communicate verbally with others can be helped. It is sometimes referred to as supported typing or hand over hand. It was widely discredited by the year 2001.

Topics in this section:

bullet What is Facilitated Communication
bullet What is an essay on FC doing on this site?
bullet History of FC
bullet The FC Controversy

bullet Evaluation of FC:
bullet Indicators that FC is sometimes invalid
bullet Proof that FC is sometimes valid
bullet Types of FC validation studies



bullet Stance taken by various agencies on FC
bullet What is the reality of FC?
bullet OCRT Comment

bulletBooks and web sites about FC

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