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Tentative future monthly religious and spiritual book selections

2019-November to December

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2019-November's selection

book cover

"Religious Delusion" Self published by John Carlshausen

Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store
U.S. $4.19 in Kindle format.

Author's review:

"This book needed to be written. A book about the folly of Religion. Folly is described in the Dictionary as being foolish, lack of sense
and unwise conduct. This describes Religion perfectly.

It is foolish to believe there is an invisible friend in the sky called God, who is watching over you and [over] seven billion other people who reside here on Earth.

He is watching over us twenty four hours a day and has been doing this for Centuries.

Anyone who believes this nonsense is being foolish and is definitely lacking common sense. ..."

Webmaster's comment:

This book is a humorous attack on religion. This web site does not usually include religious attacks. However, we are including this book in our book selection for November for two reasons: We felt that this book would be amusing to many of our site visitors, particularly those with negative views towards religion. Also, it should be useful to religious visitors who promote religion to others with negative views on religion.

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2019-December's selection

book cover

"Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom" (Cambridge Studies in Economics, Choice, and Society) by Noel D. Johnson and Mark Koyama

Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store
U.S. $18.49 in Kindle format!, or
$67.97 in hardcover
plus postage, or
$20.06 in paperback plus postage

Amazon book review:

"Religious freedom has become an emblematic value in the West. Embedded in constitutions and championed by politicians and thinkers across the political spectrum, it is to many an absolute value, something beyond question. Yet how it emerged, and why, remains widely misunderstood. Tracing the history of religious persecution from the Fall of Rome to the present-day, Noel D. Johnson and Mark Koyama provide a novel explanation of the birth of religious liberty. This book treats the subject in an integrative way by combining economic reasoning with historical evidence from medieval and early modern Europe. The authors elucidate the economic and political incentives that shaped the actions of political leaders during periods of state building and economic growth."

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2020-January's selection

book cover

"How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide " Beacon Press (2018) by Crystal Marie Fleming

Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store
U.S. $7.08 in Kindle format!, or
$16.28 in hardcover
plus postage, or
$11.51 in paperback plus postage

" 'How to Be Less Stupid About Race' is your essential guide to breaking through the half-truths and ridiculous misconceptions that have thoroughly corrupted the way race is represented in the classroom, pop culture, media, and politics. Centuries after our nation was founded on genocide, settler colonialism, and slavery, many Americans are kinda-sorta-maybe waking up to the reality that our racial politics are (still) garbage. But in the midst of this reckoning, widespread denial and misunderstandings about race persist, even as white supremacy and racial injustice are more visible than ever before. ..."

"Searing, sobering, and urgently needed, How to Be Less Stupid About Race is a truth bomb for your racist relative, friend, or boss, and a call to action for everyone who wants to challenge white supremacy and intersectional oppression. If you like Issa Rae, Justin Simien, Angela Davis, and Morgan Jerkins, then this deeply relevant, bold, and incisive book is for you."

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star Note to those without a Kindle reader:

Amazon supplies a free Kindle reader app that can be dowloaded for free from their web site. Versions are available for Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhone. iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, PC, Cloud Reader, and by now, probably more devices.

For Android phones, PCs, Macs, tablets, etc.:

  • Go to the Amazon web site at:

  • Go to the search bar at the top of that screen. Enter free reading app

  • There should be a "Free Kindle Reading App" link as the top selection for the device you are currently using.

Benefits of using Kindle books:

  • Once you download the app, you can read ebooks from Amazon which are usually significantly cheaper than paperback or hardcover versions.

  • If you download the app to your tablet or phone, you will be able to carry dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of books with you!

  • There is no need for you to build additional book shelves!

  • You can join Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. It enables you to explore over 1 million titles, thousands of audioooks, and many current magazines on any device. The first month is free, and subsequent months cost $9.99 in the U.S.

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Latest update: 2019-AUG-0312
Assembled by: B.A. Robinson

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