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Religious Tolerance logo

The fruits of extreme religious intolerance:

Picture of a girl beheaded by Islamic State
(ISIS) terrorists for the crime of being born
into a Christian family:

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The picture is shown "below the fold."

Please do not view unless you have a very strong stomach.

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Webmaster's opinion (bias alert):

The next time you become aware of a person condemning any individual or group for religious reasons, or advocating reduced civil liberties for any group -- whether it be directed against:

please think of this photo, and actively criticize whoever is expressing condemnation, even if it is a member of the clergy. If you cannot openly criticize, them, as during a religious service, then please consider getting up and leaving. Then, at least this girl's death will not have been completely in vain.

If we all try to nip religious intolerance and hatred in the bud when it is merely at the verbal level, then it may not escalate and become violent behavior.

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Girl beheaded b ISIS for being Christian

Image credit: Catholic Online.

That web site commented:

"The act of beheading is preferred [by ISIS] because it is gruesome and intimate.
It's painful and excruciating to the victim and takes time as opposed to simply being shot.
ISIS is using crude methods of execution that are intended to serve
as torture and intimidation. Even crucifixions are being performed."

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