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Survey data (Cont'd)

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The design of the study, and data for Subjects 1 to 30 are located elsewhere on this site.

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Raw data (Cont'd):

  Query 1 Query 2 Query 3 Query 4 Query 7 Query 8 Query 9
Subject Their Belief Their Orientation Their Religion Their Wing Prayer Succeed? God's Response How Certain?
31 Y H - - Y Y F
32 Y H Jewish L - - -
33 Y B Wiccan  L N - -
34  Y G Other L Y Y C
35 Y H Humanist L - - -
36 Y H Mixed L N - -
37 Y B Unitarian L Y Y C
38 Y H Other L Y Y C
39 Y B Wiccan L Y Y V
40 N H C L Y N C
41 Y H Wiccan - N - -
42 Y H C M Y Y C
43 Y B Other L Y Y F
44 Y B C L Y Y V
45 Y H Agnostic M N - -
46 N H Scientology - Y N C
47 Y H C M Y Y C
48 Y G C C Y Y C
49 Y G Syncretistic L N - -
50 N H C C Y N C
51 Y H Other L Y Y F
52 Y B C C Y Y S
53 Y H C M N - -
54 N H C C Y N C
55 Y H C L N - -
56  N H C C Y N C
57 N H C C Y N V
58 N H C C Y N C
59 Y B Wiccan - Y Y C
60 N H C C Y N V
61 N H C C Y N C
62 N H C C Y N C
63 N H C C Y N V
64 Y B Wiccan L Y Y C
65 N H C C Y N C
66 N H C L Y - F
67 N H C C Y N C
68 N H C C Y N C
69 N H C C Y N C
70 N H C C Y N C
71 N H C C Y N C
72 N H C C Y N C
73 N H C C Y N C
74 N H C C Y N C
75 N H C C Y N C

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Codes used:

bullet Question 1: Whether they approved of homosexual marriage when the started filling out the survey form (Y or N).

bullet Question 2:  Sexual orientation: H = Heterosexual; G = gay or lesbian; B = Bisexual.

bullet Question 3: Religion: C = Christian.

bullet Question 4: Religious wing: L = Liberal; C = Conservative; M = mainline.

bullet Question 7: Were they successful in assessing the will of God (Y or N).
bullet Question 8: Whether God approved of homosexual marriage: (Y or N).

bullet Question 9: How certain were they that they had accurately determined the will of God: N = not sure at all; S = somewhat sure, F = fairly sure, V = very sure, C = certain?

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