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We receive a lot of Emails asking for information on bills before Congress, or how to get in touch with senators, media, etc. We have prepared this page to simplify your search for information.

Please inform us if you find a broken link. We are keen to keep this listing's hyperlinks up to date.

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Information on the status of bills before the current Congress: 

Go to Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet at 

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bullet If you know the number of a bill before the Senate - for example:
bullet S. RES. 56 for a Senate resolution, or
bullet S. 1561 for a Senate bill,

then enter the number in the Bill Number box and click on Search

bullet If you know the number of a House bill - for example:
bullet H. CON. RES 384 for a House concurrent resolution, or
bullet H.R. 4892 for a House bill,

then enter the number in the Bill Number box and click on Search

bullet If you only know:
bullet the general topic of the bill, or
bullet a phrase that is definitely in the bill, or
bullet a word that is in the bill,

then enter the topic, phrase, or word in the Word/Phrase box and click on Search. The search engine should return first a list of bills containing the exact phrase that you entered, ranked in order of relevance. 

Information on bills before the previous Congresses:

Go to the Bill Summary & Status page of Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet at You can do a search for the current or a previous congress:

bullet By a word or phrase that it contains
bullet By its subject
bullet By the bill/amendment number
bullet By the stage that it has reached in the legislative process
bullet By its date of introduction into the House or Senate
bullet By its Sponsor or cosponsor
bullet That is before a House or Senate committee

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Find the name of, or write to, your federal Senators and House members

Go to, select the Congress radio button, select a state, and click on the GO button beside the state.

An alphabetic list of Representatives' web sites is maintained at This list also allows a search by Zip code and State. It has a form to send an Email to the your representative.

Go to, select your state from a pull-down list, and click on Go. You should get a listing of your two senators. Clicking on a senator's name will take you to their home page. They all have an Email link so you can send a letter to their office.

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Find data about a federal House committee:

A list of committee web sites is at: The page has lists of:

bullet Committee Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Ranking Minority Member, members, schedule, hearings, etc.
bullet Subcommittees associated with a given committee.
bullet Schedules.
bullet Hearings.
bullet A description of the jurisdiction of the committee: areas that it deals with.
bullet "Hot topics" -- press releases of the committees.

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Find data about a Senate committee:

A list of committee web sites is at:  The page has lists of Senate standing, special, select and other committees. It also has a list of joint Senate/House committees.

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Find data about state legislators, local officials, etc.

Go to, select the State or Local radio button, select a state, and click on the GO button beside the state.

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Contact national or local media:

Go to enter the Zip code, and click on Go. This web site also allows searches:

bullet For editors and reporters and producers by their last last name.
bullet For Newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, etc.

You can also get a state-wide listing by clicking on the U.S. map.

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Copyright 2000 to 2005 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2000-SEP-18
Latest update: 2005-JUN-11
Author: B.A. Robinson

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