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Monitoring of the Media

OCRT volunteers listen to a variety of radio and television programs of a religious nature on an occasional basis. We also read religious books and articles. We have been recording instances of religious hatred, ridicule, and misrepresentation.

Most of the books which we expect will be cited here are written by Evangelical or Fundamentalist Christian authors. This is not intended to be an attack on conservative Christianity. It is just that most books on the "evils" of the non-Christian religions are written by authors who happen to be Evangelical Christians.

Liberal and mainline Christians generally view Satan as an evil principle. But many Evangelicals believe in the existence of two powerful supernatural entities who play an immensely important role in everyone's life: God and Satan. They often regard all non-Christian religions as influenced or controlled by Satan. Indeed, other religions are sometimes referred to as Satanism. A believer worshiping a Hindu God or Goddess is thus believed to be worshiping Satan or a demon.

They often do not differentiate among the various forms of Witchcraft:
bullet Witchcraft, as mentioned in English translations of the Bible - a form of evil sorcery or black magic used to harm others
bullet Witchcraft, as it was believed to exist during the Witch Burning Times, when Witches were believed to worship Satan and sell their souls to him.
bullet Witchcraft, as it is practiced today by Wiccans and other Neo-pagans; often a reconstruction of an ancient, pre-Christian religion.
bullet Witchcraft as is sometimes used to refer to Santeria, a syncretistic religion which combines African aboriginal religion with Roman Catholicism.
These unrelated activities are often viewed as being identical, and linked with Satanism.

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We have analyzed the following books:
bullet William Watson, "A Concise Dictionary of Cults & Religions" Moody, Chicago (1991), ISBN 0-8024-1726-4
bullet George Bloomer, "Witchcraft in the Pews", Pneuma Life Publishing, Bakersfield, CA (1996)

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