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bullet Financial support: In many ways, this website has been very successful since it first went online in 1995 -- beyond our wildest hopes:

bullet Our website has an Alexa rating as about the 55,000th most popular web site on the Internet. That places us in the top 0.005% of all domain names in terms of traffic.

bullet We currently have over 8,200 essays and menus on the site.

bullet We get many dozens of Emails a day.

bulletWe have received over 60 awards for our website.

That is the good news. The bad news is that banner ads -- our largest source of revenue -- are becoming less effective. We are relying increasingly on people who feel that we have a needed message and who want to support us through donations.

bulletProofreading: We feel that we do a reasonably good job researching topics and explaining religious concepts. But we are among the world's worst proofreaders. We need help from people who can spot typos, spelling and grammatical errors.
bullet Conservative Christian reviewer: Finally, although we are a multi-faith group, we have never been able to attract a religious conservative to volunteer with us. We try to explain conservative beliefs accurately, but can certainly use help from volunteers willing to review our essays.

Topics covered in this section:

bulletWho we are: It is a good idea to know a lot about a group before donating your time or money to it.
bulletDonations gratefully accepted:
bulletYou can help us financially at no cost to you.
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Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, monetary donations are not eligible for an income tax deduction at this time. We hope to change this eventually. 

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Updated 2016-JUL-19

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