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Who we are:

We are the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (acronym OCRT). We view ourselves as a bi-national religious organization:

Our American connections:
bullet Almost half of our visitors are from the U.S.
bullet Almost a third of our visitors are from China.
bullet Our essays are written with U.S. -- not Canadian -- spelling and punctuation.
bullet Half of our volunteers live in the U.S.
bullet Most of our major purchases are made in the U.S.

bullet Essentially all of our revenue is from the U.S. from donations and banner ads.

bullet We write mainly about the North American religious scene, with major emphasis on U.S. trends.

bullet Our web site server is located at Liquid Web in Michigan.

bullet We have a post office box in Watertown NY.

Our Canadian connections:
bullet Our main office is located in Canada.
bullet The OCRT is registered in Canada.
bullet Half of our volunteers live in Canada.

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More information about us:

bullet Probably more information that you are really interested in absorbing: our purposes, beliefs, rules of engagement, how we got started, who we are, etc.
bullet Who are the web site's authors and what are their credentials?
bullet A past budget: Where we spend our money.
bullet History of our group: A personal account of the organization and development of the OCRT -- the sponsors of this web site. It was prepared for a book on religion on the Internet. 1
bullet Awards that our site has received
bullet Do you have any questions that we have not covered? Email us at

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  1. B.A. Robinson, "Evolution of a religious web site devoted to tolerance," From Section 5 of Jeffrey K. Hadden & Douglas E. Cowan, "Religion and the Social Order, Volume 8: Religion on the Internet: Research prospects and promises," JAI/Elsevier Science, (2000), Pages 309 to 323. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

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Latest update: 2018-APR-20.

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