When is the last time you heard this from a religious group?

Donations are GREAT! But we really need your
help in the form of volunteer proofreading.

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General editing help:

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to edit essays on our website for clarity, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. We are interested in completeness, accuracy, clarity, and balance.

Correct spelling, good grammar and reasonable style are also important to us because they affect our essays' credibility. Some people gauge the worth of a website by these factors.

The work is simple:

  • Select as many essays and menus as you want to edit, and
  • Review them at your own speed, and
  • Email your thoughts back to us.

Please be sure to include the URL of the item that you have reviewed (e.g. inerrant.htm). The simplest method is to copy a sentence that needs correcting into an Email, and highlighting the error if it is not obvious. We will search for the sentence and correct it.

A special need:

Some of our essays on Christianity describe the beliefs of three different groups: Those of

  • The early Christian movement, and
  • Contemporary very conservative Christians, and
  • Present-day very liberal Christians.

Although we try to explain carefully the views of religious conservatives, we are working under a liability: all of our volunteers are religious liberals.

We would like some people who are very familiar with conservative Christianity to volunteer to review some of our essays that are linked to the main Christian menu.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Updated 2018-APR-20

Our contact information:

  • E-mail address: ocrtfeedback@gmail.com
  • U.S. Address: OCRT, PO Box 128, Watertown NY, 13601, USA.
  • Canadian Address: OCRT, PO Box 22035, RPO Cataraqui, Kingston ON, Canada K7M 8S5.
  • Our Fax number: (888) 806-6115
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