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Backing up computer files:

Computer files are only reliable until the next failure happens of one of your disk drives or data sticks. Thus computer memory devices should only be regarded as temporary data storage devices. According to a Carbonite ad on Sirius Radio, 43% of computer users will lose at least irreplaceable file each year.

We use the Acronis True Image program to regularly backup a complete snapshot of our main office computer to an external disk drive. We then transfer these files to DVD data disks. This is labor intensive, and does cost money for the DVD blanks. However, it can be set up to completely backup the computer so that if you have a major failure, you can recreate everything -- files, the desktop, essays, programs, the operating system etc. to their condition at the time of the last backup.

When we "upgraded" from Windows XP to the accursed Vista operating system -- a serious error in judgment on our part -- we decided to try offsite-backups as a supplement. We selected Carbonite. They offer a free 15 day service without asking for a credit card number. The program is simple to install. You select which files and folders you want to back up, or you can ask the Carbonite program to do this for you. Once in place, it takes few days to backup those files on their remote computer. From that time onwards, every time the selected files types are changed or created, they are automatically and quickly backed up. Icons of backed-up files are shown with a colored dot to indicate that their status. Carbonite claims that retrieval of files is simple. Carbonite currently backups about 3 million files from our main computer.

It is important to realize that Carbonite's basic service does not back up all files. However, they will will backkup the operating system and programs, at an extra cost.

The New York Times review states: "It's the easiest online backup software to use -- in fact, to not use, since it's completely automatic."

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We originally had links here to four screen saver web sites. Unfortunately, we found that McAfee's SiteAdvisor program had rated all four web sites as unsafe (red). A typical warning by MaAfee states:

"In our tests, we found downloads on this site that some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs."

Googling the word screensavers shows that 7 out of the first ten hits were rated red.

Some screensaver web sites that McAfee rated as green (safe) on 2014-AUG-14 were:

bullet at:


Really Slick Screensavers at:


Free Christmas Screensavers at:


3D Fireplace Screensaver at:


Fun Utilities at:

You can obtain a site report from McAfee for any web site. Go to, go to the "View a Site Report" window at the right side of the page, enter a web site's URL, and click on "View report now."

Language translators:

bullet provides a free language translation service at: You can paste a text in simplified or traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish and have it translated to English.


Babel Fish Translation at Altavista translates either a block of up to 150 words of text, or a an entire web page between many pairs of languages at:

News sources:


Newspaper Association of America offers an index of newspaper web sites in the U.S., Canada and the rest of the world at


The Newspaper Association of America provides a list of wireless news sites at:


Moreover provides news feeds for inclusion in web sites. See:

bullet also provides news feeds on E-Business and technology topics. See:

bullet maintains a list of free news feed suppliers at:

Sending anonymous Emails:

You can send an Email to anyone for free without revealing your identity by going to SendAnonymousMail at: You fill in the Email address of the destination, the subject, the message, and a security code. To conceal your identity, leave the default sender's email -- in place.

You can also enter your own Email address. However, that defeats the main purpose of the web site, which is to conceal your identity.

This is a helpful service if your own Email system is temporarily out of commission, or if you do not have an email program.

Non-profit agencies:

Actions Without Borders has a comprehensive directory of nonprofit resources, with over 2,500 links to organizations, directories and publications, They are arranged by location as well as topic. See them at

Viewing web sites with a low speed Internet connection:

LoBand allows you to view a website without graphics, icons, burger dots, etc. Pages look really boring, but they do load a lot faster. It is a free service at

More information including what our own home page looks like in LoBand

Internet hoaxes and dangers:


A description of some of the most popular Internet hoaxes, from the Aspartame hoax to the Zulican fish virus is at:


Homeland Security has many essays on the topics related to Cybersecurity. See:


Cyber Safety: Top 10 Tips for Youth is at:


The 14 Rules of Online Safety for Children is at:


Parent Guide: Talk With Your Kids about Internet Safety is at:

bullet Home Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online is at:


Mobile Device Safety for Kids is at:


FBI: Internet Safety Tips for Kids is at:


Internet and Mobile Safety Resource Bank is at:

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A Mozilla security checking program:

Mozilla, the company that is best known for its excellent Firefox Internet browser, has developed and made freely available a program called "Observatory" It checks the SSL/TLS security settings on web servers, and highlights potential weaknesses. They use a rating system that ranges from 0 to 100 which translates into grades from F to A+. See:

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A list of the best Web Application Firewalls (WAFs)

Comparitech has prepared a list of the one dozen best WAFs to protect servers. See:

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Book ISBN numbers: has a handy conversion tool to convert 10 digit ISBN book numbers to the new standard of 13 digits (e.g. 0-7922-77287 to 978-0-792277-28-6) See:

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