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The dates listed below are for 1997; some of them are moveable celebrations or observations, and so are celebrated on different days each year.

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In the U.S. and Canada, the dates may be delayed by one day or more; they are based on actual sightings of the crescent moon.

JANUARY was named after the two-headed Roman God of gateways Janus. He looked back to the year just finished and forward to the new year. He was later "Christianized" and became St. Januarius.

2 Sumerian Birthday of Inanna
3 Native American Pueblo Deer Dances
5 Ancient Italian Festival of Befana
6 Christian Epiphany (fixed date)
8 Druidism New Year
10 Muslim Ramadam started on 1997; month when the Qura'n was revealed.
13 Norse Mitvintersblot
16 Hindu Festival of Ganisha
19 Norse Festival of Thor
22 Christian St. Vincent's Day
25 Scottish-Secular Burn's Night
27 Roman Sementivae Feria
29 Nepalese Martyr's Day
30 Christian Holy Day of the Three Hierarchs (E. Orthodox)
31 Ancient Greek Hecate's Feast

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FEBRUARY was named after Februa, a Roman purification festival.
2 Wiccan Imbolc
3 Hopi Powamu Festival
5 Sicilian Feast of St.Agatha
6 Ancient Greek Festival of Aphrodite
8 Muslim Eid al-Fitr: End of Ramadan in 1997
9 Tibet Dahini Day
14 Christian/secular St. Valentines Day
18 Zoroastrian Spenta Armaiti
22 Christian St. Lucia's Day
23 Roman Terminalia
25 Ancient Egypt Day of Nut
27 Jewish Feast of Esther
28 Tibet Buddha's Conception

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MARCH was named after Mars, the Roman fertility and war God.
2 Bulgarian Mothers' March
3 Japanese Doll Festival
4 Ancient Welsh Rhiannon
5 Ancient N. Africa Celebration of Isis
8 Chinese Birthday of Mother Earth
10 Amerindian Holi
13 Balinese Purification Feast
15 Roman Ides of March 16
16 Ancient Greek Dionysus Festival
19 Santeria Day of Aganyu
20 Wiccan Taoist etc Spring Equinox;
23 Norse Summer Finding
26 Slavic Plowing Day
29 Babylonian Ishtar Festival

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APRIL was named after Aprilis the Roman Goddess of love.
1 Secular April Fool's Day
3 Buddhist Birthday of Buddha
4 Roman Megalesia begins
5 Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day
6 Mormon Church organization in 1830
10 Roman Megalesia ends
11 Mexican Feast of San Leo
13 Hindu Baisakhi
14 Norse Sommarsblot
17 Muslim Eid al-Adha; Feast of Sacrifice in 1997
20 Native American Yaqui Pagean
22 Secular/Pagan Earth Day
26 Dutch/Secular Flower Parades
30 German Walpurgisnacht

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MAY was named after Maia, the Roman Goddess of the springtime.
1 Wiccan Beltane
2 Roman Bona Dea Fire Festival
3 Mexican Cruces
4 Irish St. Monica's Day
8 Theosophy White Lotus Day
9 Roman Lemuria
11 Guatemalan Rain Ceremony
13 Portuguese Our Lady of Fatima
14 Ancient Egypt Isis Day
21 Ancient Egypt Day of Tefnut
23 Russian Semik
23 Baha'i Declaration of the Bab
26 US Secular Memorial Day
30 Odonist Frigg's Day (from whom Friday is named)

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JUNE was named after Juno, the Roman Great Mother Goddess.
2 Christian St. Elmo's Day
5 Irish Sheela-Na-Gig
7 Roman Vesta Aperit
9 Roman Vestalia - festival in honor of Vesta
10 Persian Day of Anahita
11 Hawaii'an King Kamehameha I Day
13 Tibetan All Souls Day
15 Christian St. Vitus' Day
16 Ancient Egypt Night of the Drop
20 Mayan Day of Ix Chel
21 Wiccan/Taoist etc. Summer Solstice
24 Aztek Feast of the Sun
26 Native American Iroquois Green Corn Festival
29 Santeria Feast of Ogun

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Copyright 1997, 2001 and 2004 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2004-JUN-27
Author: B.A. Robinson

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