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Religious festivals, holy days, etc.


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The dates listed below are for 1997; some of them are moveable celebrations, and so are celebrated on different days each year.

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JULY was named after Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor.
1 Secular Canada Day
3 Ancient Egypt Sothis
3 Native American Seminole Green Corn Dance
7 Japan Tanabata - star festival
9 Baha'i Faith Martrydom of the Bab
10 Old England Lady Godiva Day
11 Mongolian Naadam Festival
12 Tibet The Old Dances
13 Native African Reed Dance Day
15 China Festival of the Dead
20 Lithuania Binding of the Wreaths
22 Christian St. Mary Magdalene's Birthday
23 Roman Neptunalia festival
25 Roman Furrinala festival in honor of  Goddess of springs
26 Native American Hopi Kachina ceremony
31 Wiccan Lammas Eve, August Eve

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AUGUST was named after Augustus Caesar.
1 Wiccan (etc) Lammas; First Festival of Harvest
3 Japan Aomori Nebuta (start of harvest)
6 Cherokee Day of the Earth and Sun Goddesses
6 Gnostic The Day of the Transfiguration.
6 Buddhist, etc. Hiroshima Day (anniversary of the dropping of the first nuclear bomb used in war.) See: http://www.sangha2000.de/
7 Ancient Egypt Breaking of the Nile (river flooding)
11 Ancient Ireland Puck Fair (Irish fertility festival)
13 Ancient Greece Hecate's day
15 Chinese Moon festival
15 Roman Festival of Vesta, Goddess of the hearth
17 Roman Festival of Diana, Goddess of chastity
18 China Festival of Hungry Ghosts
27 East Indian Festival of Devaki, honoring the Mother Goddess Krishna
28 Norway Harvest festival
29 Native African Gelede - dancing and mask ritual

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SEPTEMBER was derived from the Roman word "septem" which meant 7; September was the 7th month of the Roman calendar.
1 Zoroastrianism Birthday of Zoroaster circa 6 century BCE
3 Hopi Maidens of the Four Directions healing celebration
5 India Day of Nanda Devi
8 Gnostic The Descent of Holy Sophia
8 Native American Pinnhut Festival
9 English Horned Dance at Abbots Bromley
14 Ancient Egypt Ceremony of Lighting the Fire in honor of the dead
18 Ancient Greece Festival of Demeter
19 Ancient Babylon Annual feast for Gula,  the Goddess of birth
20 Aztec Birthday of Quetzalcoatl
21 Canada National Aboriginal Day; Celebration of the contributions of Aboriginal peoples
22 Wiccan/Aboriginal Mabon - Fall Equinox
24 Ancient Egypt Annual death and rebirth of the God Osiris
28 Confucianism Birthday of Confucious
29 Christian Michaelmas

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OCTOBER was derived from the Roman word "octo" which meant 8; October was the 8th month of the Roman calendar.
4 Roman Jejunium Cereris in honor of Ceres, Mother Earth
6 India Festival to honor the Hindu God Vishnu begins
8 China Festival of High Places,  a good luck festival
10 Brazil Festival of Light begins
11 Jewish Yom Kippur begins
11 Gnostic The memorial of the Martyrdom of the Holy Templars
15 Roman Festival of Mars, God of war
16 Jewish Sukkoth
17 Shinto Japanese ceremony of Kan-name-Sai
28 Ancient Phoenician Festival of Sun-god Baal, God of nature and fertility
28 Ancient Egypt Ceremonies for Goddess Isis started
29 Iroquois Feast of the Dead
31 Wiccan Samhain, end of summer celebration
31 Christian All Hallow's Eve
31 Secular Halloween

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NOVEMBER was named derived from "novem" [Latin for 9]; November was the 9th month in the ancient Roman calendar.
1 Christian All Saints Day; All Souls Day
2 Gnostic All Souls Day.
3 Gaelic New Year
6 Babylonian Birthday of Tiamat
7 Hawaiian Makahiki Harvest Festival
8 Japanese Hearth Festival
10 French Goddess of Reason Festival
11 Celtic Samhain (original)
12 Baha'i Faith Birthday of Baha'u'llah
13 Roman Jupiter Festival
17 Christian Feast of St. Hilda
18 Persian Day of Ardvi Sura
22 Norse Winter Festival
23 Japanese Shinjosai
26 Tibetan Light Festival
30 Christian St. Andrew's Day

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DECEMBER (named derived from "decem" [Latin for 10]; December was the 10th month in the ancient Roman calendar)
2 Hindu Festival of Shiva
6 Tibetan New Year
8 Ancient Egypt Festival of Neith
10 French Goddess of Liberty Festival
11 Roman Day of Bruma
14 French Festival of Nostradamus
15 Greek Festival of Alcyone
18 Roman Saturnalia (Day 1)
21 Wiccan/Taoist etc Yule / Winter Solstice;
22 Gnostic The Festival of Lights
25 Christian/Secular Christmas
26 African-American Kwanzaa (Day 1)
26 Zoroastrian Death of Prophet Zarathustra
28 Scottish Bairns' Day
29 Ancient Egypt Birthday of Ra
31 Secular New Year's Eve

Copyright © 1997 & 2001 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2001-DEC-2
Author: B.A. Robinson

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