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Chrysler came under fire by union, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender groups for harassment in the workplace in 1996-NOV, during contract negotiations. On NOV-11, Chrysler CEO Robert Eaton signed the following letter. It was announced on NOV-13, one day before the Campaign for Equal Rights At Chrysler held the 1996 National Day of Picketing at Chrysler Dealerships Worldwide

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Letter from the Chrysler CEO

Chairman of the Board November 11,1996
Chief Executive Officer


Early this year, I signed and communicated a Corporate Diversity Statement (copy attached) in which I stated that our individual and collective behavior must value diversity and reject both active and passive discrimination.

Chrysler has a long standing history of commitment to fairness and non-discrimination. This philosophy is reiterated in our Code of Ethical Behavior, our Standards of Conduct, our Corporate Policy 3-1 on Employment and Placement, and in our Union Agreements.

The Corporate Diversity Statement, as well as these other documents, applies to each and every employee of Chrysler Corporation.

Recently, you may have read newspaper reports that discussed Chrysler's non-discrimination policy, specifically in reference to sexual orientation. Let me clearly state that Chrysler does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any employee on any basis, including sexual orientation.

Consistent with our current policy, any employee who is found to have harassed or discriminated against any other employee for any reason will be disciplined.

As conveyed in our Diversity Statement, if we are to become the premier car and truck company in the world, we must fully value the unique characteristics and abilities of every employee. As a company, we will only realize the full competitive advantages of diversity when we adopt an attitude of unconditional inclusion.

[signed] BOB

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Attachment to Letter


Diversity Statement

May 20, 1996

Chrysler has a long-standing commitment to fairness and equal opportunity in hiring, development and business operations. Our equal employment practices have been key in bringing us to the level of workforce diversity that benefits us today. We have also contributed to economic equity among our suppliers, dealers, customers and communities.

Our workforce is becoming more representative of the diverse populations we serve, and we are committed to building on this progress. The scope of our efforts must extend beyond race, gender and affirmative action goals. We are equally committed to making full use of the wealth of backgrounds, thought and opinion that a diverse environment offers.

In this respect, I have two goals. One is to assure that Chrysler's workforce is reflective of the global communities we serve. At the same time, I am determined to lead Chrysler toward a culture that uses diversity to its competitive advantage.

These goals can be achieved only in an environment that fully values and applies the unique characteristics and abilities of every employee. The best decisions result when all perspectives are considered. On the road to becoming the premier car and truck company, we must listen to every voice and tap all of our talent.

Each Chrysler employee shares a responsibility for meeting these goals. Our individual and collective behavior must value diversity and reject both active and passive discrimination.

The full benefits of diversity will come only when we adopt an attitude of inclusion. We must welcome every individual as a respected member of the team who contributions are critical to the success of our organization.


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