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From the Daily Camera, Boulder CO, 1996-NOV-01

Mary Nussbaum wrote an article titled Finding True Love in her high school's monthly paper, The Lever. In it, she described the pain that teens experience when coming to terms with their homosexual orientation. The article mentioned that the suicide rate among gay and lesbian teens is quite high; it also mentioned the phone number of a gay teen support group which is supported by the county.

A flood of protests resulted, including one by the Colorado for Family Values group. The president of the schoolboard, Ken Olivey, did not read the article, but commented that student papers should reflect the "traditional Judeo-Christian, heterosexual standard of the community and not give credibility to other lifestyles." A 1990 Colorado state law guarantees freedom of expression for high school students as long as they are not obscene, libelous, slanderous, false or inflammatory.

[We wonder when those who fight equal rights for gays and lesbians will realize the enormity of their sin for creating a society in which over 30% of teen suicides are by a small minority youth who are gay or lesbian].

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