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We found the following on an Internet mailing list:

This is critical and timely. Please read this and pass it on to anyone who supports gay and lesbian issues.

It is also the first airline to adopt a written non-discrimination policy covering sexual orientation in its employment practices. The airline is also well represented by the leadership of its gay and lesbian employee group, GLEAM.

For these pioneering efforts, and its sales and marketing outreach to the gay and lesbian traveler, American has become the next bull's-eye for hard-hitting, anti-gay corporate attacks.

THE PROBLEM: An unusual joint letter was released to the media on Friday, March 14th from the Family Research Council, Concerned Women of America, American Family Association and Coral Ridge Ministries. Radical right leader Beverly LaHaye also went on Christian "talk radio" on Friday to blast American Airlines because "American's sponsorship of homosexual 'pride' events constitutes an open endorsement of promiscuous homosexuality." She and the other groups have written Bob Crandall at American to complain that the airline has "gone beyond mere tolerance" of gays and lesbians. [The full article appeared in Friday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and possibly picked up by other newspapers around the country.]

THE RESULT: It has come to the attention of the gay and Lesbian community that American Airline's switchboard and e-mails are being bombarded now by homophobic and hateful callers who have been urged by LaHaye and others to DEMAND the company terminate its gay-friendly policies.

THE NEED: We need to send our messages of support and encouragement to American Airlines. It is critical that we counteract this attack and end the impression that we are silent and unconcerned when the vicious attacks are unleashed. Even if you do not fly frequently or have not flown in some time PLEASE write to express your support.

THE MEANS: E-mail to this address: [email protected] or call personally to the American switchboard in Dallas at (817) 963-1234, then hit "0" and request the operator to send your caller comment to their executive offices. You should be able to reach an individual to whom you may register your views.

It is essential that we counter the attack that American is under, and stand up for those that support us Please e-mail American and show your support for their outreach to the gay and lesbian traveler, support of gay and lesbian groups, and their gay-friendly policies. THANK YOU.

You may e-mail American Airlines at [email protected]

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