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New Hampshire allows gay and lesbian adoptions and foster parenting

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During the week of 1999-APR-18, the New Hampshire Senate repealed a 1987 bill that prohibited gays and lesbians from adopting children or acting as foster parents. The House had already repealed the bill by an overwhelming majority. Governor Jeanne Shaheen is expected to sign the bill shortly.

Active in the effort to repeal the bill were the ACLU of New Hampshire, Out and Equal New Hampshire, and Representative Raymond Buckley, (D-Manchester).

The repeal is good news for the approximately 1,700 children who are waiting for foster homes or adoptive parents in the state.

This leaves the state of Florida remaining as the only jurisdiction in the U.S. which bans gay and lesbian adoptions. Five states (AR, ID, IN, TX, UT) are considering or have recently considered bans on lesbian and gay foster care or adoptions.

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