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Religious groups & homosexuality/homophobia


1995 to 2019: The Anglican
Church of Canada
continues its official ban on
same-sex marriage.

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  • Archbishop Terence Finlay is the retired bishop of the Anglican diocese of Toronto and metropolitan (senior bishop) of Ontario. Following his suspension for officiating at a legal gay marriage, he said:

    "As an active bishop I've followed and I've upheld the oaths of the office that I took and particularly around the issue of unity in the church. But for me now, this issue has moved from one of unity to one of justice."

  • Rev. Isaac Kawuki-Mukasa, the ACC's coordinator for dialogue: ethics, inter-faith relations, and congregational development for faith, worship and ministry:

    "[General Synod 2007 asked  the faith, worship and ministry committee to] engage the church in conversation on the broad issue of human sexuality in all of its complexity, using the lenses of scripture, reason, tradition and science,”

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The Anglican Church of Canada (a.k.a. ACC, and l'Église Anglicane du Canada) is one province within the world-wide Anglican Communion. It is one of the most liberal Christian denominations in Canada, along with the United Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). The ACC and the United Church are the two largest Protestant denominations in Canada. Unlike the United States, fundamentalist and other evangelical Christians form a relatively small minority among Canadian adults.

Priests in the Anglican Communion have blessed marriages, dogs, cats, buildings, apartments, houses, boats, cars, etc. However, as of mid-2019, most are not permitted to bless the relationships of committed, loving, same-sex couples, except for those in some maverick dioceses. A same-sex couple with a valid marriage license from their Canadian province or territory will usually be turned away if they ask their priest to conduct their marriage ceremony.

Since mid-2015 when the Canadian federal government redefined marriage and legalized gay marriage across the entire country, the ACC has been under internal and external pressure to marry same-sex couples in their churches. As of mid-2019, the denomination has not budged.

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