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The Bahá'í Faith and homosexuality

Year 2000 to 2009: Bahá'í LGBTs on
the Internet, seeking for full acceptance

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The conflicts between the Baha'i faith and LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender persons and transsexuals) are unlikely to go away anytime soon.

The agenda being pursued by Baha'i LGBTs is simple: full equality for persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities, including same-sex marriage. Some are using the Internet to publicize their goals.

In reading some of their sites, one is struck by the level of anxiety and fear experienced by LGBTs in this faith. That is a real pity, because the Baha'i faith should liberate people from fear and make their lives whole, not trap them in a closet and make them pretend to be what they are not.

Gay/Baha'i Website:

The webmaster of the Gay Bahai website is not a member of the Baha'i Faith, but is in a relationship with a member. He founded his website on 2000-MAR-19. He describes it as:

"The only Gay Baha'i web site. Here Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and transgender Baha'is can chat and know that they are not alone." 1

He writes about his partner:

"My boyfriend has felt alone and in constant fear that someone might find out and his life would be destroyed. It is sad, Jews, Muslims, Christians and many other faiths have several gay organizations making the gay community visible and accepted (though not always). It is time for Baha'is to have this sense of 'Not being alone' that I am sure most of you out there have experienced. You are not alone, I know of at least four other Gay Baha'is and I guarantee that there are many others." 2

Petition to end discrimination:

Amanda Respess has created a petition titled: "Speak Up Against Baha'i Discrimination Against Homosex" [sic]. She writes:

"The Baha'i Faith, a world religion that espouses many beautiful, forward thinking ideas, also unfortunately overtly condemns homosexuality and teaches that it is a spiritual 'handicap.'  Gay Baha'is face the loss of their Baha'i administrative rights if they are open and honest about their sexual orientation and lifestyle."

"Recently, the Baha'i community of Uganda participated in an interfaith effort to deport an American journalist for covering a LGBTI  human rights event called, 'Let Us Live in Peace.'  The Baha'is of Uganda also advocated the arrest of all LGBTI individuals in Uganda for their 'immorality'. ..."  3

"Baha'is who disagree with this blatant discrimination face administrative and spiritual 'sanctions' from their religious authorities."

"It is time to speak up." 4


Mavaddat's videos on You Tube:

"Mavaddat" has posted a series of videos on You Tube on the topic of the Baha'i faith's discrimination against lesbians and gays. You can find them on You Tube by searching for "Bahai Faith Discriminates on Homosexuals." 6

Gay/LesbianBaha'i Story Project:

The purpose of the story project at is: "To tell, listen to, and reflect upon stories of Gay/Lesbian Baha'is and their supportive friends/family."

Their goals are to celebrate Gay/LesbianBahai's, to educate the entire Baha'i community, and to create dialogue toward love and reconciliation, eradication of prejudice, and justice for all. They post personal essays, generally written by lesbian or gay Baha'is or ex-Bahai's.

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LGBT forums and blogs by Baha'i members:

bullet Bahais Online contains many topics on homosexuality at:
bullet Gay Bahai has a forum at: As of 2009-OCT-06, it had 1,109 postings on 169 topics.
bullet  GLBT Baha'is andtheir allies' Journal is at:

bullet Just a Bahai Blog deals largely with news related to sexual orientation. See:

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