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GLBT resources

Books about reparative therapy.

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Books about Reparative Therapy:

Caution: With the exception of one tiny religiously motivated mental health association, NARTH, all North American psychological and psychiatric associations recommend against reparative therapy and other counseling methods that are designed to try to change an adult's sexual orientation. These techniques have not been objectively studied for safety and efficacy. The vast majority of clients -- perhaps all -- enter as gays or lesbians and leave with their sexual orientation unchanged. Many experience serious depression, and suicidal ideation after years of therapy and the expenditure of tens of thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, some clients who have tried every other way to become "straight" eventually try reparative therapy as their last chance. When it fails miserably to change their sexual orientation, they may realize that changing one's orientation is impossible. They give up trying to change, accept themselves as a loving LGBT individual, and go on to lead a fulfilled life.

The bookstore lists the following books using the search string "reparative therapy"

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Other books that promote adults changing their sexual orientation:

bulletMario Bergner, "Setting Love in Order: Hope and Healing for the Homosexual," Baker Book House, (1995) Review and/or order a copy.
bulletR. Davies, L. Rentzen, "Coming out of Homosexuality: New Freedom for Men and Women," (1994). Review and/or order a copy.
bulletR.J. Magnuson, "Are Gay Rights Right? Making Sense of the Controversy," Multnomah Publ., (1990), Review and/or order a copy.
bulletE.R. Moberly, "Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic," (1997). Review and/or order a copy.
bulletR.J. Magnuson, "Are Gay Rights Right? Making Sense of the Controversy," Multnomah Publ., (1990), Review and/or order a copy.
bulletJ. Nickolosi, "Healing Homosexuality: Case Stories of Reparative Therapy," Jason Aronson, (1997) Review and/or order a copy.
bulletLeanne Payne, "The Broken Image -Restoring Personal Wholeness Through Healing Prayer," Baker Book House, (1996). Review and/or order a copy
bulletLeanne Payne, "Healing Homosexuality," Baker Book House, (1996)  Review and/or order a copy

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