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The Church of Christ, Scientist
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About Christian Science:

The formal name of the denomination is the Church of Christ, Scientist. However, most people refer to it as the Christian Science church; they refer to its members as Christian Scientists.

The movement was founded by Mary Morse Baker Eddy (1821-1910). At the age of 41, she sought a cure from a lifetime of poor health from a healer, Phineas P. Quimby (1802-1866). He had developed a method of natural healing. that emphasized the role of the human mind in achieving bodily health. She later had a fall and was so seriously injured that she believed she was dying. On what she thought to be her deathbed, she read a passage in the Bible about one of Jesus' healings. She suddenly realized that healing comes not from internal bodily processes, nor from the power of a person's mind. It comes from the Divine Mind, God. She was instantly cured!

Mrs. Eddy later wrote her main book now called "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." It is still in print. 1 She later founded The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA. She also founded The Christian Science Monitor, an internationally distributed secular newspaper.

The church went through a period of rapid growth during the first half of the 20th century. Membership leveled out by 1950 and has since gradually declined. "...the closing of hundreds of branch churches over the past two decades suggests that attrition is the biggest threat the Church faces." 2 More information on Christian Science.

On 2004-JUN-28, we asked the Mother Church for more specific information on the church teaching and homosexuality. We did not receive a response to, or acknowledgment of, our Email.

Teachings of the Church about homosexuality:

At the time that the first draft of this essay was placed online in 2004, the Church of Christ, Scientist did not currently appear to treat homosexuality as a prominent concern. However, by early 2010, the matter seems to be heating up.

The Church's main emphasis is on spiritual growth and healing. They Church appears to have made major changes in recent decades towards accepting sexual minorities as both members of the Church and as employees in the Mother Church. However, this more inclusive stance is not necessarily shared by the individual field churches. Some gays and lesbians have felt unwelcome in some local congregations because of their sexual orientation.

Church and members' attitudes towards homosexuality:

bullet 1960s and 1970s: John Strausbaugh published an article in the New York Press which described the history of the New York City Christian Science Group, an independent support group for "lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender people, their friends and supporters." He referred to a 1967 article in the Christian Science Sentinel titled "Homosexuality Can be Healed." He also cites other articles through the 1970s "which used terms like 'promiscuous,' 'bizarre,' 'abnormal,' 'immoral,' 'unseemly,' 'unhealthy,' 'unnatural,' 'cursed' and 'perverted' to describe gays and lesbians." It is difficult to fault the Church for their position. Such beliefs were nearly universal among religious groups at the time. It was only in 1973 that the American Psychiatric Association deleted homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. 4
bullet 1980: Neil H. Bowles' article in the Christian Science Journal stated:

"....abnormality in matters of sex is a delusive aberration, while, humanly speaking, normalcy is natural. Everyone has a responsibility to society and an obligation to aid in the betterment of the human race. But homosexuality leaves to the institution of the human family no legacy of improvement, tending toward a higher and more spiritual life. When homosexuals come to grips with the problem and do not seek to legitimize perversion, they can be helped to understand their true natures as children of God and be freed of this aberration. But when sexual indulgence enters into a male-and-male or a female-and-female relationship, it ceases to be to be normal and natural; it then becomes perversion. When man's perfection is understood in [Christian] Science, it can be proved that one is not condemned by birth to be second-class, a deviate, or an outcast from society." 13

bullet 1985: Emergence International -- a gay-positive group for Christian Scientists -- was founded. "Martin," is a long-term member of Christian Science and organizer of the group. He said at a 2004 conference that Emergence International was formed "after self-identified gays were finding themselves being thrown out of their congregations on the basis of their sexuality." 15
bullet 1996: The Church originally had only three requirements for membership: the applicant had to believe in the church's doctrines, to not be a member of another faith group, and to have passed their 12th birthday. In more recent years, additional qualifications were added, including freedom from "adultery, promiscuity and homosexuality" as well as refraining from "alcoholic beverages, tobacco and drugs." In the 1996, the Mother Church returned to Mrs. Eddy's original Application for Membership and removed the exclusion of homosexuals. Some individual branch churches may still continue with membership forms which contain the additional restrictions. 4,12
bullet 1997: Tom Taffel wrote a personal letter to Virginia S. Harris, Chairperson of the Christian Science Board of Directors, in which he discussed why he, as a gay man, "felt compelled to withdraw from church membership." He felt abandoned by his church home when the Board equated homosexuality with sin. He suggested that the decline in church membership might be related to the addition of questions concerning adultery, promiscuity, homosexuality, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and drugs to church membership application forms.

He asked for a response to his letter. The board acknowledged receipt of his letter three months later, but did not engage any of Taffel's points. 19
bullet 2004: Ethel Baker, manager of local activities for the Christian Science Mother Church in Boston, MA, said: "There's no question specified in the Church's manual about sexual orientation." She said that the Church's position is to not take a position. Members are expected to work out their own questions of human sexuality. Referring to the membership or employment in the Mother Church, she said that sexual orientation is: "...just not an issue." She concluded: "We're not even individually to judge each other - that's just not Christianity. That's the only way that we'll begin to move forward - that non-judgmental, unconditional love of each other."
bullet 2004: Bob Minnocci, an active Christian Scientists for over two decades and an ex-employee of the Mother Church wrote in mid-2004:

"I can say emphatically from what I've observed and experienced that a person's sexual orientation is simply not an issue at the church - in employment or membership consideration. I can also say that at no other time in the past 20 years have people from all walks of life - gay and straight - been more welcomed and warmly embraced by The Mother Church than they are today. And from conversations I've had with church officials, I know that the welcome is nonjudgmental and profoundly sincere, based on a simple principle established by church founder Mary Baker Eddy - 'Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals'." 14

bullet 2006: Tom Taffel of The New York City Christian Science Group for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) people, their friends and supporters wrote a letter to Tom Black of the Christian Science Board of Directors. Much of the letter discusses Black's presentation on opposite-sex marriage in late 2005 at the Ninth Church of Christ Scientist, San Francisco, which Taffel feels is biased. 18
bullet 2007:Lois Carlson posted an essay "Considering same-sex lifestyles" on the tmcyouth (The Mother Church Youth) blog. It expresses concerns over young people whose "sense of identity is anchored in their sexual expression." She writes:
"I know for from experience when you base your sense of identity on sexual expression of any kind, those feelings can be very manipulative and disorienting. What keeps coming clear is that the key to happiness is to challenge the assumption that physical longings?of any kind?dictate our experience or thought."

This posting triggered many dozens of thoughtful responses for at least the next three years. They are well worth reading. They may accurately represent the beliefs of youth in the Christian Science movement and may indicate the future course of Christian Science.

bullet 2008: The tmcyouth website contains a podcast of a question & answer session between youth attending the Christian Science 2008 Spiritual Activist Summit in Australia and the Christian Science Board of Directors. One of the main question related to homosexuality. One board member recalled a statement by Jesus that humans in Heaven will act as the angels -- that is, be asexual beings. The implication is that sexual orientation and gender identity will not matter. Another board member felt that as Christian Science members more fully live their spiritual ideals, there will be much less emphasis on their sexuality. Each individual will develop a more direct connection with divine wisdom. Thus, there is no need for the directors to establish a binding church policy on homosexuality. Members can be trusted to listen to God and follow their highest sense of right. 20

Information about Christian Science and homosexuality on the Internet:

bullet On 2005-APR, a search of their official web site at: turned up only three passing references to homosexuality:
bullet Two refer to a lecture that Joni Overton-Jung gave to a group of teens in Alpharetta, GA where they "discussed many issues from a spiritual perspective, including: fitting in, beauty, grades, studying for exams, even homosexuality." In an Email, she wrote: "We talked at length about understanding our spiritual identity, a deep, grounded, and God-based sense of who we are -- an identity that transcends gender, biology, or sexual orientation. We discussed how growing in an understanding of our spiritual completeness brings clarity, freedom and peace to any issue or avenue of our lives."
bullet The other is in an article by Nathan A. Talbot in The Christian Science Journal for 1997-SEP titled: "Chastity: a source of stability." He lists "...a number of societal issues ' infidelity, divorce, sensuality, homosexuality, polygamy, domestic violence --" which have impacted "the institution of marriage." 3

On 2010-JAN, another search turned up no references.

bullet A summary of views on homosexuality by different religions is maintained by on the University of Northern Carolina's web site. Under "Christian Science" they state: "Since Christian Scientists believe that sexual activity is primarily for procreation, homosexuality has no place in the life of a proper Christian Scientist. The church has fired employees for being gay." They do not cite any sources. 5
bullet Ethnicity Online, a web site that promotes "cultural awareness in healthcare," states: "The Christian Science Church is uncomfortable with homosexuality but, on the whole, does not openly condemn it." 11
bullet An article on Christian Science in Wikipedia states:
"There are no specific references to homosexuality in the writings of Eddy. Her writings prescribe the living of a morally decent life, which is not an explicit condemnation of homosexuality, but it may account for some of the discomfort with homosexuality seen within some Christian Science communities. There is some dissent among Christian Scientists as to what exactly the position with regard to homosexuality ought to be; in this matter, as in others (such as abortion), the Church chooses not to have an official position, as it is considered that each individual Christian Scientist should seek their own highest sense of right through prayer." 16

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A Christian Science gay-positive support group:

A support group for Christian Scientists, called Emergence International was founded in 1979. 6 It is an "association of Christian Scientists, their families and friends, who provide spiritual and educational support to lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals as they deal with homophobia and heterosexism."

They hold a conference annually in October. They have organized local groups in some cities. They once published two periodicals: Emerge! and In Between Times. However, these have been discontinued with the creation of their web site. The site contains many testimonials of Christian Science healing of homophobia, anger, depression, etc. One mentioned that: "the prayerful work revealed to me that I don't need to be healed of homosexuality any more than I need to be healed of having blue eyes." None of the content cites a person's conversion from a homosexual to a heterosexual orientation.

An incident involving the marriage of a lesbian Christian Scientist:

For ten years, Kathleen Clementson, 62, had taught a two-week class in spiritual healing in Fort Meyers, FL. The class is the first class that individuals take when they wish to become a Christian Science practitioner. She appears to have been well known in the Christian Science church. She was a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. She delivered public lectures such as one on "Spirituality and healing" at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco in 2002-JUN. 7 That lecture was sponsored by the First Church of Christ, Scientist, San Francisco. (See Reference 7 for her photo. We cannot reproduce it here for copyright reasons.)

Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage since 2004-MAY-17. Three days later,  Kathleen married her fianc?Suzanne Nightingale, 49, at a beach in the state after having waited the minimum interval required by law. The Associated Press (AP) took photographs of the wedding which they sent to news outlets worldwide. The AP allegedly reported that she had claimed that her marriage had the prior support of the Church of Christ, Scientist.

The Mother Church in Boston, MA, sent her a letter on 2004-MAY-28.  Gary A. Jones, manager of the Committees on Publication, allegedly denied her statement about church support. He wrote: "You have not asked for the support (or approval) of your marriage from The Christian Science Board of Directors, and it has not been given to you." 8

By JUN-08, the Board had sent her a letter stating that she had abused her role as a teacher. She would only be allowed to continue teaching if she repented, served a three-year probation, and severed all ties with her former students. Some news reports mention that the Mother Church had planned to issue a formal public statement on this incident, but later reversed its decision.

One interpretation of these events has been widely circulated by the media and on the Internet. It is that the Mother Church allegedly:

bullet Considers same-sex marriage to be unacceptable.
bullet Wants Ms. Clementson to terminate her marriage through divorce or separation.
bullet Wants her to repent of what it consideres to be her sin of homosexual behavior.

Another interpretation is that Ms. Clementson misrepresented the stand of the church by allegedly stating that her marriage had received the prior support of Mother Church. They expected her to repent of the sin of misrepresentation, and to repudiate her statement.

On 2005-APR-23, we asked clarification from the Mother Church as to which interpretation is correct. We do not expect a response.

A governing board member at her home church in Cape Coral, FL, said that it would accept the Mother Church's decision. Clementson responded by returning her teaching credentials and leaving the church. She said: "I don't feel I have anything to repent for more than anyone else." She also said: "I feel no anger to the mother church. To tell you the truth, I think this is a wonderful opportunity to bloom and be out of the jurisdiction of the mother church. This is going to open the door to new possibilities for me." 8

The Mother Church has since ruled that all of her former students, dating back through a decade of her teaching, are now regarded as having received no primary instruction. They can no longer advertise as Christian Science practitioners in The Christian Science Journal, or take annual refresher courses. 9

Hal Gimlin of North Carolina, is a life-long Christian Scientist and one of Clementson's students. He said:

"I love my religion. I'm not thrilled with what is going on. I think they overdid it....To me it's just a non-issue. When I was in class, I had no idea one way or the other about her sexual orientation. She is the same person to me that she was before. She'll still be my teacher, and she'll still be my practitioner....All the Christian churches in the world are having to deal with this." 8

The couple has since bought a townhouse in Massachusetts and plan to settle there. 10


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