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The denomination:

The Evangelical Christian Church Inc. was founded on 1804-JUN-28, in Bourbon County, KY, by Barton Warren Stone, a former Presbyterian minister. They do not officially accept decisions by the early Church Councils, particularly in the third and fourth centuries CE. Those matters are left to individual interpretation. They oppose "capital punishment, military intervention into foreign disputes, abortion and homosexuality....[They] advise against the use of alcohol and tobacco. Modes of baptism and the frequency of the Lord's Supper are left to the individual churches... Evangelical Christian Churches are congregationally governed, noncreedal and semi-autonomous....The only requirement for every local church is that the [denomination's] Statement of Faith be strictly adhered to and the local church opposes abortion and homosexuality."

They publish The Empty Tomb which is available online.

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Policy on homosexuality:

Like almost all Evangelical Christian groups, the The Evangelical Christian Church, Inc. (Christian Disciples) views "homosexuality" as a behavior rather than as a sexual orientation. That is: "homosexuality" is something that a person does; it is not something that a person is. They differ in this view from gays, lesbians, liberal religious groups, human sexuality researchers and almost all mental health therapists.

A knowledgeable member of the denomination has supplied us with a description of the church's policy towards homosexual behavior:

bullet The church is "unalterably opposed to homosexual activity."
bullet They believe that homosexual behavior is "inconsistent with New Testament Christianity and that attempts to legitimize such behavior by corrupting the Greek language is inexcusable.  It is our belief the Greek language is best understood by the Greeks themselves rather than by non-Greeks who have studied the language.  Since the Greek Orthodox Church opposes homosexuality we feel they are correct in terms of accurate Biblical  interpretation.
bullet They note that all ancient Christian churches, such as the Holy Apostolic Assyrian Catholic Church of the East, The Syrian Church, and the Coptic Church, all oppose homosexuality. 
bullet The Evangelical Christian Church views all homosexual behavior as sinful, whether it is engaged by a person who is single or in a committed relationship.
bullet Sexually active homosexuals are welcome to attend church services. However, they are not eligible for "church membership, for ordination to the Gospel ministry or to hold elective or appointive office.
bullet The Church condemns "anything less than love, compassion, kindness and mercy towards the gay and lesbian community. They renounce violence of any kind toward the gay and lesbian community."
bullet They call for full civil rights in the workplace and equal protection under the law.
bullet They do not support, endorse or condone same-sex civil unions. To our knowledge, they are unique among conservative Christian denominations, in that they support the constitutional right of gays and lesbians to marry. 
bullet The Evangelical Christian Church, however, will not bless, sanction or recognize such unions or marriages.
bullet Their church home page has a hyperlink labeled "Research and Therapy of Homosexuality" which leads to NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. NARTH is alone among professional mental health organizations in their belief that a person with a homosexual orientation can change their orientation to heterosexuality. They recommend reparative therapy.

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  1. The church's home page is at:

Copyright 2001 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally published: 2001-AUG-16
Latest update: 2001-AUG-17
Author: B.A. Robinson

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