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Analysis of two strongly anti-gay and anti-lesbian Internet web sites

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When this essay was originally written in 1999, both of the following web sites were active. They are no longer online. However, the objections that the essays cited towards the LGBT community are still spreading widely on the Internet.

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[We have added some of our own comments] to the analysis below:

An Internet site with one of the longest and poorest spelled titles was by Pastor Peter J Peters: "Intollerance [sic] of, Discrimination Against, and the DEATH PENALTY FOR HOMOSEXUALS is Prescribed in the Bible" at: As of late 2018, it is offline. However, the domain name is still registered by in Scottsdale AZ. This organization provides private registration to webmasters who wish to remain anonymous and untraceable.

When Pastor Peters' web page was live on the Internet, it included:

bullet "A dedication to those politicians (if any exist) who follow "God's vote [rather] than man's." Although he does not define specifically what these politicians have done to gain God's vote, he later refers to soldiers who "uphold His orders concerning homosexuality."

An introduction which quoted the familiar Bible passages that are commonly used to criticize homosexual behavior, starting at: Leviticus 20:13, Leviticus 18:22, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Romans 1:18. He points out that the Bible:

"... advocates discrimination, intolerance and the DEATH PENALTY for [sexually] active homosexuals. Some people hate Biblical truth and cannot accept it. Others are confused by the Bible and feel that it is radical and extreme."

He said that homosexuals

"... are willing to prescribe the death penalty to those who oppose them."

Webmaster's note:

I do not recall seeing an expression by any member of the LGBT community advocating murder in this way.

He wrote that the Bible does not allow homosexuals basic freedoms, like free speech, free assembly, right to do business, right to act politically, to live with anyone they wish, the right to live safely without being victimized by violence. He is correct that the Bible is intolerant of some sexual behaviors. But the passages that he cited deal with gay ritual sex in Pagan temples, men sexually abusing boys and heterosexuals engaging in homosexual orgies and similar practices. The Bible is silent on consensual relations between persons of the same sex in committed relationships.]

bullet He recommended that the LGBT community consider promoting the belief that the Bible be outlawed as hate literature, or at least have the offending passages removed. He suggested some slogans that they can use.
bullet A section "Intolerance, Discrimination and Law," in which he attempted to show that all law is inherently discriminatory and intolerant. Thus, a law which prohibits discrimination against gay and lesbian accommodation or employment is itself discriminatory and intolerant of Bible believers.
bullet A section "Determining Proper Discrimination and Intolerance", where he said that youth are incorrectly told that they can choose their own sexual orientations. They are not told that God has laws in place against homosexuality.

[He uses the term "sexual preference" in place of "sexual orientation." Sexual preference implies that gays and lesbians are attracted to people of both genders, but prefer one gender over the other. This is not accurate. Persons with a homosexual orientation are attracted only to members of the same gender. If they were attracted to both men and women, then they would would be bisexuals. If youths were able to chose their sexual orientation, it is unlikely that many would ever choose to be gay or lesbian and spend the rest of their life being hated and abused by others.]

bullet A reprint of Public Law 97-280. This is a joint resolution of Congress dated 1982-OCT-4, which asks the President to proclaim 1983 as the "Year of the Bible." It states that the Bible is the word of God, and that the nation needs "to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures." Thus, he concludes that the government of the US has declared that the Bible, and the laws of God that it contains, must be applied across the country. This includes the death penalty for homosexuals, as required in passages starting: 1 Timothy 1:8; Romans 1:21, Leviticus 20:13. [This is a resolution not a law; if it were a law it would have challenged in the courts where it would have been declared unconstitutional long before now. The Biblical passages cited are unrelated to consensual sex between persons of the same gender in a committed relationship].

bullet A section "Gay Leader Calls for Aids [sic] Terrorist Army." He quoted an article in the Wall Street Journal which quotes Larry Kramer of the radical gay organization Act Up. Kramer calls for an AIDS terrorist army. Pastor Peters advocates laws like that of Connecticut in 1650 CE which call for the death penalty for gays. [A most extreme radical is usually not typical of a movement.]

bullet A section "Law is not Law Unless the Judgments are Applied." He noted that homosexuality causes death in many forms: disease, serial murders, childless and grandchildless families. Romans 1:32 calls for the death penalty for both homosexuals and those who support equal rights for homosexuals. [One can hardly define the lack of children as a murder of a child that might have been. Committing genocide against all homosexuals is not going to generate more children and grandchildren.]

bullet A section "Crime, Government and Revival." He equates the concepts of sin and crime. Since one role of the government is to punish criminals, the government must punish sin wherever it is found. This inc

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