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Analysis of six Internet hate sites which attack Gays and Lesbians

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[We have added some of our own comments] to the analysis below:

bullet The Creator's rights Party at (now defunct) is a Christian group that opposes women's rights to have an abortion, the theory of evolution, etc. They sell bumper stickers for $3.00 each. Typical wording are: "Jail Faggots," "Execute Murderers [and] Abortionists," "Abortionists kill babies for $." They reveal the homosexual plank in their party platform in an essay at: They propose, as an act of love, to arrest every gay and lesbian, and arrest every supporter of equal rights for homosexuals. This will give them an "opportunity to be delivered from their bondage to whatever it is that is moving them to choose behavior that will inevitably cause them to be burned in the fire [of hell]." [They do not appear to have a plan to achieve this deliverance once gays and lesbians are in jail.] Their essay at accuses homosexuals of being guilty of murder because they: "destroy the definition of manhood, removing from that word any distinctive that would separate it from other words. To destroy the distinctive activities of the man is to remove the presence of the man as surely as if the man himself were literally destroyed. If nobody does what the man is supposed to do, then the man literally is destroyed, or at least paralyzed and thereby made unfit for any activity except death...In short, homosexuals are vaginally defeated males or vaginally defeated females whose very existence is defined in terms of their commitment to destroy the historical meanings of man and woman." has created a new crime: semantic murder.

One of the additional sites on Christian was the Nuremberg Files. The latter was found guilty of threatening abortion providers and was severely fined. Christian Gallery's internet service provider removed the entire website.

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bullet The Occidental Pan-Aryan Crusader at attempts to unite the "European and European-American world for the preservation of the Aryan race." It is an equal-opportunity hate site, directing its hatred against Jews, African-Americans, Spanish-Americans, immigrants from India and Asia, as well as gays, lesbians, and probably anyone else who is different. It supports both Christianity and European pagan religions. They have spawned the Cyber Nationalist Group (CNG)  which repeats much of the material described above. In addition, they make some interesting points of their own:
bullet The American Psychiatric Association only agreed to remove homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 1973 because they were intimidated and disrupted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force - not for any scientific reason.
bullet Only about 1 or 2% of Americans are gay or lesbian
bullet 40% of lesbians have dead or divorced mothers [With the divorce rate in the U.S. at about 50%, this number seems low for both heterosexual women and lesbians.]
bullet "Homosexuality results from environmental factors: molestation, bad parenting, or lack of heterosexual outlet." They believe that if we reduce child molestation, improve parenting skills and presumably give young people plenty of opportunity for sexual expression, then homosexuality will be eliminated.

Their quotations from professional mental health literature date to 1975 and before.

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bullet The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas has perhaps the best known gay/lesbian hate site on the Internet, at: It had the catchy name "God Hates Fags."  On 1999-AUG-18, the ownership of this web site was transferred to a totally different webmaster: "" It picked up a pink background and incorporated a gay-positive message. Many of the essays in that site were lifted from our web site without acknowledgement. This we feel is regrettable for two reasons: Some of the text copied is two or more years old, and is obsolete. No hyperlinks were provided so that their readers could access more information. For example, they copied part of our essay that describes faith groups' approach to homosexuality. But they did not provided hyperlinks so that their readers could find out what their own denomination's position is.

The substitution only lasted a few days. The Westboro Baptist Church regained its full domain name. Jon Bell, a journalist for the Topeka Capital-Journal  wrote an expose on the Church and on Fred Phelps, its minister  and the family patriarch.. 1 The essay appears as an attachment to a lawsuit by Bell against the newspaper. He claims that Fred Phelps is "a disbarred lawyer and Baptist preacher from Mississippi." Bell alleges that brutal abuse was common in the Phelps household. He refers in his article to a letter by 47 religious leaders from the Topeka area who have condemned his anti-gay activities.

"Godhatesfags" was a popular site; their visitor counter read 266,297 on 1998-SEP-17. It had accumulated a count of 5,353,910 counts by 2005-SEP-03. However, they don't indicate when the count began. The Webmaster was Ben Phelps. As of the earlier date, 739 Alexa visitors have scanned the site. 22 had expressed their opinion of the site. 1 selected the "I like this site option." 21 selected "I dislike this site." (Alexa is a free Web navigation service.)

The site seemed to be continually on the move. Their initial ISP was Kansas State University. When the University was inundated by angry Emails, they pulled the site. However, it was back on-line in a few hours at the advice of the university lawyer. According to Loren Javier, the interactive media director for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD), the church has had a difficult time obtaining an internet service provider. She claims that it was kicked off "pair Networks," "NetGate," and other ISPs. It was also hosted by KC One Internet Services. It was then hosted by Cyber Promotions

Ben Phelps reports that the site receives about 50 Emails per day; most are negative. There are more critical letters from persons identifying themselves as Christians than from gays and lesbians.

The home page showed an inverted U.S. flag - an international sign of distress. There are pictures of members of the church engage in peaceful sidewalk demonstrations, carrying posters reading: "God Hates Fags," "Fags Hate God," "AIDS cures Fags," "Fags Burn in Hell," "Fags are Nature Freaks." Church members frequently picket funerals of persons who have died of AIDS; they feel that this is a compassionate activity. Mourners often are thinking of their own mortality, of heaven and hell. That is an ideal time to hit them with thoughts of hell fire and damnation.

Some points raised on his site:

bullet Their home page has a hyperlink to a page "Sodomites preach tolerance but they practice intimidation." The page contains an interesting symbol: a pink triangle representing the gay and lesbian community, and a stylized swastika dripping in blood.
bullet They had a FAQ section. They claim that "The only true Jews are Christians." The church appears to have a wide circle of groups that it hates, including:
bullet the religious right: "...lukewarm cowards...Whores. Self-righteous hypocrites"
bullet liberals: "modern day Saduccees...bleeding heart liberals"
bullet gays and lesbians: "...God hates all WORKERS of iniquity (e.g. fags)"
bullet people who are gay-positive: "...anyone who supports fags is just as guilty as they are. You are both worthy of death."
bullet other clergy: "maudlin, kissy-pooh, feel-good, touchy-feely preachers"
bullet physicians performing abortions: "God hates baby-killers."
bullet Their Fag Facts section contains some amazing assertions; most are believed to have been wildly inaccurate. Some examples:
bullet that "homosexuals account for half the murders in large cities." (It is not clear whether gays and lesbians are victims or perpetrators of the homicides).
bullet homosexuals account for only 1 to 2% of the population of the U.S.
bullet homosexuals are responsible for 50% of the suicides
bullet the media age at death of gay men is 42; that of lesbians is 45.
bullet homosexuals are 19 times as likely to die in a traffic accident than the average person
bullet part of the gay agenda is to turn people away from Christianity
bullet the term "sexual orientation" includes exhibitionism, sadism, masochism, pedophilia, necrophilia, etc.
bullet They have a fliers section where they publish a few hundred leaflets that they have distributed. Some of the more interesting ones are "Goodbye, Royal Whore" (referring to Lady Diane), "Mother Theresa in Hell," "Interfaith of Topeka [is] another sodomite propaganda scam..." One of their more interesting bulletins commented on same-sex marriage in Hawaii. They wrote: "...Hawaii is fit only for fags, perfectly suited to be a sanitarium for the compulsory quarantine of all guilty homosexual AIDS carriers...Hawaii, the Islands of the Damned. Anteroom to Hell. Sperm Bank of Satan."
bullet A photo section shows pictures of attractive young people, smiling and holding signs "Turn or Burn" and "God Hates Fags."
bullet A pickets section lists future location where the WBC will be picketing.
bullet Their fag churches section lists policies of liberal and mainline Christian and Jewish groups towards homosexuals as members, candidates for ordination, and eligibility to have their unions blessed. They define "Any church that allows fags to be members is a fag church."
bullet Their sound archive has two dozen brief sound recordings of raw hate.

Many Internet sites have responded negatively to the WBC. A few are:
bullet The Truland Web Journal at:
bullet Bill Palmer, "Random Thoughts #5" at:
bullet Kooks & Oddities (8th item) at:
bullet Ranting and General Fun (10th item) at:
bullet "These people need help!!!!," a Usenet posting at:
bullet John Turner, "Gay Bashing Online," The Spin at:

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bullet The American Guardian offers "frontline defense against:" child porn, child abuse, abortion, sexual exploitation of children, homosexuality and adultery. They are at:  The site received a "Best of the Christian Web" award for 1998. As of 1998-SEP-19, the were the 86th most popular religion site on the Internet. The bulk of the site deals with homosexuality, although they cover such side issues as "Thou Shall Not Commit Adultry [sic]," "hate crimes against Christians," "Why we support the Disney boycott," etc.

Much of the site is similar to those described above. Some unique points that they raise are:

bullet They quote Ref. Jerry Falwell who said that homosexuality will "bring down the wrath of God upon America." That is probably a reference to God's destruction of Sodom. [An alternative interpretation of the Sodom story in Genesis 19 is that the city's destruction was caused by their cruel treatment of strangers and other minorities. It could be argued that the continued oppression of gays is more likely to trigger God's destruction of America.]
bullet Their home page appears to consider humanists, homosexuals and abusive pedophiles as interchangeable members of the same group, and in league with Satan.
bullet under the category of "General Lifestyle of All Homosexuals" they feature a chart comparing the behavior of gays and lesbians with what they call "normal" people. Their data looks very suspicious (e.g. gays are 90 times more likely to molest children; lesbians are 23 times more likely to commit a sex-related crime; lesbians are 11 times more likely to have sex with a non-human species. Their final item appears to be the least likely of all: lesbians are 1.5 times more likely to have had an abortion than the average woman! They offer no sources for any of these data.
bullet They object to the use of the rainbow symbol by gays and lesbians. They argue that the "Rainbow is one of God's trademarks." They consider its use by the homosexual community as "un-Godly."  They suggest that Christians and Jews "RECLAIM THE RAINBOW!! They suggest adoption of a red/ orange/ yellow/ green/ blue/ mauve rainbow flag, with a blue rectangle in the upper left corner. A red Roman cross is centered in the rectangle.
bullet "Statistically, homosexuals are more likely to die young, commit suicide, abuse alcohol and drugs, are more apt to be murdered and more apt to be killed in a traffic accident than the general population." [They offer no sources to back up this data. However, one would expect higher rates of suicide, depression, drug use etc. in the homosexual community because of the extreme hatred directed against gays and lesbians by some religious institutions, Web sites, etc. The best way to reduce these statistics is to cut out the homophobia.]

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bullet The Melchizedek Vigilance Newsletter is at So is the Society to Remove All Immoral Godless Homosexual Trash (S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T). Their parent organization is God's Order Affirmed in Love (GOAL), which seeks "to rebuild the foundations and re-establish a new bold vision for the Christian ethic in the world today." Part of STRAIGHT's foundation rebuilding program is to:
bullet not tolerate the homosexual assault against decency
bullet restore order, virtue and put the issue of perversion back into it's [sic] proper perspective..."
bullet replace the term "gay" with "SAD" (Sodomites Against Decency).
bullet accuse gays and lesbians of heterophobia. "Fear of homosexuality is an impossibility. Disgust and sympathy are the only two emotions possible."
bullet educate the populace that gays and lesbians can choose to return to heterosexuality.
bullet insist on maintaining "the ban on homosexuals in the military. In fact, it should strengthen it's [sic] penalty from mere court-martial to the death penalty, as is prescribed in the Bible." [Emphasis ours] (Leviticus. 20:13, Romans 1). [Many religious liberals interpret the Leviticus passage as calling for the death penalty only for Jews performing homosexual rituals in Pagan temples. Many liberals interpret Romans 1 as referring to heterosexuals who go against their nature and engage in same-sex sexual behavior]

Some additional comments:

bullet "When did we let the Queers get away with calling their abominable perversion a "lifestyle". It can only accurately be described as a DEATHSTYLE!" [We assume that they are referring to AIDS. They neglect to mention that the STD rate (including AIDS) among lesbians is much lower than among heterosexuals.]
bullet "Christianity is the only 'lifestyle'. The Way, as shown to us by Christ's example, is the only path that leads to life." [That certainly puts all non-Christian religions in their place.]
bullet "The media and liberals have totally suppressed most news about the groups which work to help homosexuals who want to change into heterosexuals."

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bullet SHADOWGOV.COM is at It is sponsored by the Official Bob Enyart Live Web Site. Bob Enyart hosts a syndicated nightly TV talk show that is broadcast or carried by cable TV into 80 U.S. cities. It is also broadcast via short wave and on the Internet at . Enyart was a state coordinator for Operation Rescue Colorado. He has been called "Denver's answer to Rush Limbaugh."

SHADOWGOV.COM is a fictional essay which describes the takeover of the existing American government by a shadow government of the Christian religious right. The United States becomes a theocratic dictatorship overnight. In their first two days in office, the new government issues two proclamations, implementing a number of basic changes in the country:

bullet All inmates currently on death row were to be publicly executed on the second day of the new government.
bullet "The penalty for murder is death, as is the penalty for attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, advocacy of murder and all other capital crimes," such as homosexual behavior.
bullet Individuals convicted of performing an abortion would be executed. Painless executions would be abolished. The victim's families would have the right to kill the convicted murder, by stabbing, shooting, strangulation, etc.
bullet Persons convicted of advocating access to abortion would be executed.
bullet Feminists Pat Schroeder and Gloria Alred were arrested and tried for the new crime of advocating access to legal abortions.
bullet Jury trials were suspended; all trials are by judge. The accused are tried almost immediately without having any time to prepare their case or hire a lawyer. The rationale is that the community has a right to a speedy trial. The penalty for being in contempt of court is flogging.
bullet Homosexual establishments (e.g. bars, publishing facilities, support groups, etc.) are closed and padlocked
bullet "Anyone performing homosexual behavior, upon conviction, will be executed."
bullet The media debates whether the death penalty requires gay or lesbian sexual activity, or whether it would include the mere state of having a homosexual orientation.

Only two out of the first five days of the new administration are available online. The full manuscript of The First Five Days are available for  $24.95. The Webmaster writes: "Your order supports the spread of these godly ideas!"

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  1. The full court document is at: A better formatted version is at:

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Copyright 1999 to 2005 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2005-SEP-03
Author: B.A. Robinson

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