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Same-sex marriage

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Five particularly good books on the topic:

bullet George Chauncey, "Why Marriage? The history shaping today's debate over gay equality," Basic Books, (2004). Read reviews/order this book safely from's online bookstore It discusses the history of same-sex marriage and links it to the struggle for inter-racial marriage, desegregation, etc.

bullet Linda Hollingdale, "Creating Civil Union: Opening hearts and minds," Common Humanity Press, (2002). Read reviews/order this book This consists of 47 black and white photographs of individuals who were active in the fight for civil unions in Vermont. Each is accompanied by an essay describing the person's personal journey. See also her web site at:

bullet Jonathan Rauch, "Gay Marriage : Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America," Owl Books, (2004). Read reviews/order this book This book outlines positive impacts of same-sex marriage on the culture.

bullet A. Sullivan & J. Landau, "Same-sex marriage: Pro and Con," Vintage Books, (1997) Read reviews/order this book This is one of the most popular books ordered from by visitors to this web site.

bullet David Myers & Letha Scanzoni, "What God has joined together? A Christian case for gay marriage, HarperSanFrancisco (2005-MAY). Read reviews/order this book The book "...concurs with conservatives' call for marriage renewal and a more marriage-supporting culture. And it concurs with liberals' affirmation of everyone's right, regardless of sexual orientation, to seal love with commitment and to participate fully in the church's life and ministry."

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Other books on same-sex marriage:

bullet Tess Ayers & Paul Brown, "The essential guide to lesbian and gay weddings," Alyson Publications, (1999). Read a review or order this book safely from online book store

bullet R.M. Baird & S.E. Rosenbaum, "Same-Sex Marriage: the moral and legal debate," Prometheus Books (1997). Order this book safely

bullet John Boswell, "Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe", Villard, New York, NY, (1994) Read reviews/order this book

bullet Becky Butler, Ed, "Ceremonies of the heart; Celebrating lesbian unions," Seal Pr. Feminist Pub. (1997). Read a review/order this book

bullet R.P. Cabaj, Ed., "On the road to same-sex marriage: A supportive guide to psychological, political and legal issues," Jossey-Bass publishers, (1997). Read a review/order this book

bullet George Chauncey, "Why Marriage? The history shaping today's debate over gay equality," Basic Books, (2004). Read reviews/order this book

bullet W.M. Eskridge, Jr., "The case for same-sex marriage: From sexual liberty to civilized commitment," Free Press. Read reviews/order this book

bullet Lambda Legal Defense Fund, "Civil Marriage for Lesbians and Gay Men: Organizing Communities of Faith". This is a book on positive religious opinions and sermons on same-sex marriages:  Email   or phone (212) 995-8585

bullet Ellen Lewin, "Recognizing ourselves: Ceremonies of Lesbian and Gay Commitment," Columbia University Press, (1998) Order this book

bullet Eric Marcus, "Together forever: Gay and lesbian marriage," Doubleday, (1998). Read a review/order this book

bullet P. Martinac & R. Achtenberg, "The lesbian and gay book of love and marriage: Creating the stories of our lives," Broadway books (1998). Read reviews/order this book

bullet Tamara Roleff, Ed., "Gay Marriage," Greenhaven Press, (1998). Read reviews/order this book

bullet Suzanne Sherman, "Lesbian and Gay Marriage: Private Commitments, Public Ceremonies", Temple University Press, (1992)  Read reviews/order this book

bullet Mark Strasser, "Legally wed: same-sex marriage and the Constitution," Cornell University Press, (1998) Read reviews/order this book

bullet Michael Willhoite, "Daddy's Wedding", Alyson Publ. (1996). This is a book for young people, ages 4 to 8. Read reviews/order this book

bullet Evan Wolfson, "Why Marriage Matters : America, Equality, and Gay People's Right to Marry," Simon & Schuster, (2004).  Read reviews/order this book

bullet Merle Yost, Ed., "When love lasts forever: Male couples celebrate commitment," Pilgrim Press. Read reviews/order this book

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An amazing video:

"Tying the Knot" is a documentary directed by Jim de Sève and released in 2004.

bulletMovieFone viewers gave the movie five stars, its maximum rating.

bulletThe Daily News gave it 4½ out of five stars.

bulletThe Christian Science Monitor gave it four stars.

bulletIt describes:
bullet The experiences of Mickie and Louis, a lesbian couple who had been together for thirteen years. Louis was a Florida police officer who died trying to stop a bank robbery. Mickie was denied all pension benefits.

bullet The story of Sam and Earl. They were together for 22 years in Oklahoma. When Earl died, this long-estranged cousins tried to have his will declared invalid so that they could gain ownership of Earl's house and turn Sam out onto the street.

bullet The history of marriage

bullet The battles for full marital equality for same-sex couples.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) is a partner in the making of the movie. They believe that: "This film is a great way to introduce your friends, co-workers and neighbors to the marriage equality issue - it explores aspects of the issue like family dynamics, legal ramifications and the history of marriage in sometimes humorous, sometimes heart-breaking ways. Most importantly, this is a film that reveals the human side of discrimination in a way that EVERYONE can understand."

It is available for U.S. $22.93, postage paid. They accept PayPal. See:

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Additional books on same-sex marriages:

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