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Religion, the Bible and same-sex marriages


The Bible & same-sex marriages (SSM)

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There are no passages in the Bible that deal directly with same-sex marriage (SSM). Like abortion access, followers of the Bible have had to develop a position on SSM by using biblical passages dealing with other, related topics:

Generally speaking:

bullet Religious conservatives use their interpretation of the six "clobber passages" and of passages discussing opposite-sex marriage to condemn SSM.
bullet Religious liberals use the Bible's general themes on same-sex relationships, love, and justice to argue that SSM is a human right.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet Introduction to SSM and passages in the Bible
bullet Adam, Eve, Noah and opposite-sex marriage
bullet Marriage and family forms (biblical and modern times)

bullet Two Christian views of same-sex marriage:
bullet Two negative views, by conservative Christians (with liberal rebuttals)
bullet A positive view, typical of liberal Christians (with a conservative rebuttals)

bullet Attempting to assessing the will of God on same-sex marriage (a pilot study))

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A related section on this web site:

bullet Eight types of marriages and families in the Bible...

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Originally written: 2001-JUN-7
Latest update: 2008-DEC-11
Author: B.A. Robinson

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