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Media reports about same-sex marriages,
civil unions, and domestic partnerships

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Recent developments:

The Bible recognized eight different forms of marriage. However, since biblical times, the range of allowable marriages had generally been restricted to only the "one-woman, one-man" form.  In the U.S. and Canada, marriage was a special privilege reserved only for opposite-sex couples....until recently.

Times are changing:

bullet In 2000-DEC, marriage in the Netherlands was extended to same-sex couples. More details.
bullet During mid-2003, in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada, senior provincial courts ordered their provinces to start marrying same-sex couples.  More details.
bullet In the state of Massachusetts, SSM became available in 2004-MAY. More details.
bullet A number of cities and counties and cities across the U.S. started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2004-FEB. However, states refused to register them. More details.
bullet By the end of 2004, 87% of Canadians lived in a province or territory that allowed same-sex marriage.
bullet In 2005-JAN, a New York court ruled that SSM was required by the state constitution.
bullet In 2005-FEB, the Canadian federal government introduced C-38, a bill to make SSM available throughout all of Canada. It became law on 2006-JUL-20.

As of early 2007, same-sex couples can marry in Massachusetts or California, get "civil unionized" in Connecticut, New Jersey or Vermont. All obtain the full set of state rights, obligations and privileges as are routinely extended to married opposite-sex couples. However, the over 1,000 federal benefits given to opposite-sex couples are denied them.

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Media accounts by year, from 1999 until the present:

bullet During late 1999 and the year 2000
bullet 2001
bullet 2002
bullet 2003
bullet 2004
bullet 2005
bullet 2006
bullet 2007

bullet 2008

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