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Reparative therapy


About the National Association for Research
and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)

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Reparative therapy is also known as conversion therapy or reorientation therapy.


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The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality is a small professional association of therapists who share an interest in the use of reparative therapy to convert clients' sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. They promote beliefs about the causes of homosexual orientation and techniques to change sexual orientation which are not shared by other professional associations. However, their teachings are widely accepted among religious and social conservatives.

As of 2010, the long-range efficacy and safety of reparative therapy has not been studied and reported in a peer-reviewed journal. NARTH considers homosexual orientation to be a mental disorder, and strongly believes that reparative therapy are be both effective and safe. The other professional mental health associations, which are much larger than NARTH, have expressed concern about the safety and effectiveness of reparative therapy. They regard homosexual orientation to be one of the three normal and natural orientations.

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