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Homosexual and bisexual news


Archival material: News items affecting
Gays and lesbians from 1996 to 2000-SEP

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More recent news is located elsewhere on this web site.

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This section records major developments over the years 1996 to 2000 in what has been called "the gay agenda" -- working towards:

bullet Achieving equality for persons of all sexual orientations in areas of employment, accommodation, freedom of assault, etc. 

bullet Acceptance of all sexual orientations (heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality) as normal, natural human variations.

We make no claim to completeness, or even balance. Our aim was to record items of a major nature in the drive for equal rights for persons of all sexual orientations. More recent news is located elsewhere on this web site.

You will find Canadian news over-represented in this list. That is because this Web site is located in Canada and most of our readers are in the US. Americans often do not have access to news from Canada -- yet there have been many major developments "north of the border." Canada made marriage available to same-sex couples in mid 2005.

For news in related areas, see:

bullet Statements and policies of religious groups towards homosexuality

bullet Statements by mental health organizations about homosexuality

bullet Developments in same-sex Marriages

bullet Gay-lesbian support groups in public schools

Items from the most recent month are listed first.

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bullet Government: VP candidate Dick Cheney supports civil unions.


bullet Government: United Nations conference fails to extend womens' programs


bullet Government: People for the American Way release "Hostile Climate" annual report

bullet Media: Internet censorship companies use double standard

bullet Education: Teaching about homosexuality in Scottish schools


bullet Civil rights: Same-sex marriage initiative in Vermont succeeds.


bullet Media: Controversy over Dr. Laura Schlessinger's upcoming TV program.

bullet Media: KeyWord Ministries, the church in Staten Island sponsored some anti-gay billboards. They were quickly removed.


bullet Civil Rights: New South African anti-discrimination law may have major implications for gay rights.

bullet Media: DC Comics introduces The Authority: a comic book featuring two gay superheroes.


bullet 1st Amendment rights: Orange County CA school board vs. gay-positive high school students.

bullet 1st Amendment rights: Gay-positive clubs in public schools.


bullet Civil rights: Same-sex marriage initiatives in California


bullet Government: Governor of California signs three gay-positive bills into law.


bullet Politics: Stance of presidential candidates on equal rights for gays and lesbians.


bullet Government: President Clinton issues proclamation for national "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month."


bullet Government: New Hampshire law prohibiting gay and lesbian adoptions was repealed

bullet Government: Gays and lesbians win equal spousal rights in Ontario


bullet Government: Immense victory for human rights in Canada


bullet Government: Supporting U.S. federal anti-hate crime law


bullet Government: Senator Lott vs. Homosexuality


bullet Civil Rights: Gay Teacher appeals to Supreme Court of Canada


bullet Civil rights: Equal rights in Maine and Missouri


bullet Government: Democratic National Convention requires gay and lesbian delegates

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bullet Civil rights: Gay and lesbian couples adopting children

bullet Civil rights: Canadian mayor refuses to proclaim Gay Pride Week

bullet Religion: Mickey Mouse Anti-Gay Protest


bullet Government: Danish Church Accepts Gay & Lesbian Marriages

bullet Civil Rights: Gay Civil Rights Case in Alberta, Canada

bullet Government: President Clinton Speaks to "Human Rights Campaign


bullet Government: Clinton Selects Gay Nominees

bullet Government: Britain Eases Immigration for Gay Partners


bullet Civil Rights: Growing Acceptance of Homosexuality in China


bullet Mental Health: American Psychological Association and Gay Conversion Therapy

bullet Media: Gay Character Appears Again in Comic Strip


bullet Civil Rights: Canadian Province Recognizes Gay Partnerships


bullet Pride: President Clinton Greets Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration

bullet Equal Rights: British Columbia may Recognize Same-sex Couples


bullet Gathering: Christian Lesbians Out (CLOUT) Gathering

bullet Religion: Roman Catholic Church Boycotts "Dignity"

bullet Religion: Cyprus Debates Legalization of Homosexual Behavior

bullet Equal Rights: Fallout From the US Supreme Court's "Romer" Decision


bullet Funding Cuts: Anti-Gay Funding Cuts in Charlotte NC

bullet Equal Rights: Advertisement in "Honolulu Advertiser"

bullet Boycotting: Religious Right Boycotts American Airlines

bullet Equal Rights: ACLU Targets Chicago Boy Scouts of America

bullet Civil Rights: Regressive Legislation in North Dakota

bullet Religion: Roman Catholic Church Urges Acceptance of Gays

bullet Outing: "Ellen" update


bullet Equal Rights: Gay/Lesbian Rights Bill in New Hampshire

bullet Religion: Peaceful Protest at Anti-gay Conference in Phoenix

bullet Religion: Presbyterian Church Rejects Inclusiveness

bullet Equal Rights: Anti-Hate Law Upheld


bullet Homophobia: Homophobia in Namibia

bullet Equal Rights: German Lutherans Approve Blessing for Gay Partners

bullet Equal Rights: Government list of 1049 federal laws affecting married couples

bullet Gay Bashing: "Army of God" claims they bombed Gay bar in Atlanta

bullet Equal Rights: Amnesty International advocate decriminalization of homosexual behavior

bullet Religion: Episcopals meet Fundamentalists in Philadelphia

bullet Equal Rights: The Gay Rights Agenda and Status

bullet Religion: First Gay and Lesbian Mass in Rochester NY


bullet Outing: Ellen planning to come out of the closet

bullet Media: First lesbian kiss on TV

bullet Education: School film teaches tolerance

bullet Politics: Letter from Mel White to President Clinton on Inauguration Day

bullet Courts: Supreme Court Limits Homophobic Picketing

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bullet Equal Rights: Same-sex marriages legalized in Hawaii

bullet Civil Rights: Caning for Gays & Lesbians in Malaysia

bullet Religion: Gays & Lesbians rediscover Christmas

bullet Equal Rights: Same-sex benefits required by San Francisco

bullet Outing: Massive outing in Britain

bullet Boycott: Romanian boycott planned

bullet Civil Rights: South African Constitution


bullet Employment: Diversity statement by the State of Illinois
bullet Employment: Diversity statement by Chrysler
bullet Gay Bashing: "Jenny Jones" TV show: homophobia ignored
bullet Homophobia: "Ellen" Show under attack by American Family Assoc.
bullet Freedom of Speech: Furor over high school article
bullet Obituary: Evelyn Hooker Dies
bullet Gay Ordination: Church of England holds gay and lesbian service
bullet Gay Bashing: Gay former student wins discrimination case
bullet Gay Bashing: Gay-bashing victim wins large settlement
bullet Equal Rights: Anti-gay law declared unconstitutional
bullet Freedom of Association: High school gay-lesbian-straight support group

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We obtain this lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender information from a variety of sources. One of the best is "MEDIAlert!" [TM] (formerly the "GLAAD Media Watch") It is distributed biweekly, free, as a community service. Contact to be placed on their distribution list.

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