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Same-sex parenting:


Do same-sex couples make good parents?

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This section provides general information only. Do not rely on it to determine your legal rights or status. For that, we recommend that you seek legal advice from a qualified local attorney.

Same-sex parenting:

With the increased visibility of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in society, religious leaders, child psychologists, and other professionals are questioning whether children raised by a same-sex couple "fare as well in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual." 1

As in many other topics, like abortion, disciplining children by corporal punishment, gender roles, homosexuality, masturbation, etc., a massive chasm exists between most religious and social conservatives when compared to everyone else.

Topics covered in this section:

bullet Overview: We suggest that you read this first

bulletStudies of same-sex parenting

bullet Testimony before a Hawaii same-sex marriage trial

bullet A Canadian study funded by one government & suppressed by the next

bullet 2013 to now: A list of studies that compared children raised by two same-sex parents with those raised by two opposite-sex parents. The ACHESS survey in Australia involving 500 children
bullet Beliefs of conservative Christians

bullet Adoptions by gays and lesbians:

bullet Introduction

bullet Legal status in the U.S.


Conflict between same-sex couples & faith-based adoption agencies in Illinois:

bullet Legal status elsewhere in the world
bullet One child with three legal parents: Canadian court decision

bullet Gay/lesbian foster parenting

bullet Conclusions

Reference used:

  1. "Technical Report: Coparent or Second-Parent Adoption by Same-Sex Parents." Pediatrics, 2002-FEB, Volume 109, #3, Pages 341 to 344. Online at:

A support group:

bullet is a U.S. "resource for same-sex couples." This site contains more than 200 essays, surveys, legal articles and resources on legal marriage, ceremonies, domestic partner benefits, relationship tips, parenting, and immigration. See:

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