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As is usual with "hot" religious topics, most people can be divided into two opposing camps: one strongly in favor and the other strongly against. It is almost useless to attempt to reach a consensus on such a highly polarized subject. People bring to any discussion on gay and lesbian parenting their fundamental beliefs:

bullet The author of the Focus on the Family booklet follows the Evangelical Christian belief system that homosexuality is condemned by God, is unnatural, is caused by "gender identity and personal developmental problems", and that homosexuals are highly diseased. They feel that it is quite acceptable to deny homosexuals the rights and privileges of being married, adopting children and having access to artificial insemination.
bullet Gays, lesbians, most researchers into human sexuality and most mental and physical health professional organizations believe that homosexuality is a natural sexual expression that is not a mental disorder, is determined at least to a large degree by one's genetic makeup. They know that lesbians have the lowest sexually transmitted disease infection rate of any gender/orientation. Many believe that homosexuals should have the same rights as all other citizens are routinely granted.

We see one common belief shared by many people: that all things being equal, the best environment for bringing up a child is in a family headed by one woman and one man. But all things are rarely equal. Studies appear to indicate that the sexual orientation of the parents have a minor affect on the development of their children. It would seem that same-sex parents can compensate for the absence of a father or mother in the family by involving their children with friends and their extended family. It would seem that the selection of one parent to have custody of a child after divorce should be made on the basis of the best arrangement for the child; it should not be routinely given to a non-homosexual parent.

It would seem that most of the arguments presented by Evangelical Christians could be easily reworded to prohibit:

bullet single parents from retaining custody of their children,
bullet infertile heterosexual couples from marrying
bullet heterosexual couples who plan to remain childless from marrying

Their arguments seem very similar to those used 30 years ago in support of a ban on inter-racial marriages. We cannot understand why they believe that a heterosexual family that raises a child benefits society, whereas a homosexual family that raises a child does not contribute at all to society. It would seem that the only difference between the two children is liable to be that the child raised by gay or lesbian parents is liable to be far less homophobic.

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Copyright 1998, 1999
Date of last update: 1999-MAR-25

Author: B.A. Robinson

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