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Laws and homosexuality


Are homosexuals a protected class
in hate-crimes & human rights laws?
If not, should they be?

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In the U.S. and Canada, most governments have passed hate-crime legislation and human rights laws to protect certain specified groups of people.

The groups typically include at least those groups which defined by race, religion and gender. Often other groups are added. There is a great deal of debate currently about whether sexual orientation should be included to these laws as a protected class. Much of the disagreement is derived from different fundamental beliefs about the nature of -- and the definition of the term -- "sexual orientation."

Topics covered in this section:

bullet Introduction
bullet Barriers preventing the addition of sexual orientation as a protected class
bullet Timeline of legislation making sexual orientation a protected class
bullet The meaning of "sexual orientation" and "homosexuality" in relation to protected classes in law

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bullet Is it unchangeable, abnormal or immoral?
bullet Is it beneficial to society; should homosexuals have equal protection?
bullet Attempting to change one's sexual orientation via reparative therapy
bullet What the Bible says about homosexuality.
bullet Lesbian/gay terminology

An important information resource:

bullet The Human Rights Campaign> maintains maps and a description of major laws in each state which impact on gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons. See:

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