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Lesbian, gay, & bisexual resources

LGBT and LGBT-positive secular organizations,
dating services, penpal, friends, faith-based,
human rights & other groups and web sites.

Please Email us if you wish your group added. We do not charge for this service.

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Websites providing idexes of resources:


Rachel Miller's site "Ending Discrimination in Church and Society" lists hundreds of LGBTQ-positive spiritual, denominational, societal organizations. See: Offline as of 2011-AUG-11 and may be defunct.

bullet The Trevor Project maintains lists of local resources in each state at:

bullet The Gay Lesbian Directory has "full page listings with link to website, map & directions, pictures, reviews & ratings. US, Canada, UK, Other Countries, & Internet based businesses. Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, Travel, Lawyers, Real Estate, Doctors, Therapists, more." See:

Dating, matchmaking, penpals, friends, and similar resources:

bullet America's gay bachelor at offers: Free dating online service. Enter your profile in less than 5 minutes and see Quick Matches instantly. Private matchmaking focusing on long lasting relationships.

bullet Logo for Christian Gays Christian Gays "Connections" Friend Finder, Chat Rooms and Dating Service at: offers: "... free Chat Rooms and a place to find penpals, friends, activity partners, traveling companions, or possibly your soul mate. ... [They] welcome people of all faiths. ... Christ's standards of respect and integrity prevail throughout the website."

bullet Travel Zone Greece at arranges committment ceremonies in Santorini, Mykonos and the Greek islands.

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Financial help for the LGBT community:

bullet at provides housing and mortgage information for same-sex couples.

bullet Aaptus Insurance has a personal finance guide for the LGBT community at:

bullet The Gay Financial Network offers "free, comprehensive financial news, information and services to meet the unique investment needs of gays and lesbians." See:
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Worldwide gay and lesbian rights information:

The following website lists most countries in the world, the status of their laws regarding same-sex behavior, and the minimum age of consent. This data is only as reliable as the source material used by the webmaster. If you are planning to be sexually active with a same-sex partner, it would be wise for you to verify the information. See Wikipedia's "LGBT rights by country or territory" at:

Bisexual organizations:

Most GLBT groups are broadly based, and support gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals. We found a few groups and one listing that focus on bisexuality:

bullet American Institute of Bisexuality "... encourages, supports and assists research and education about bisexuality, through programs likely to make a material difference and enhance public knowledge, awareness and understanding about bisexuality." It is a professional association founded by Dr. Fritz Klein in 1998 to:
bullet Educate the general public, civic and professional organizations on bisexuality and the needs and concerns of bisexually oriented people;
bullet Promote and fund research on bisexuality; and
bullet Sponsor and organize conferences, public forums, panels, social and cultural activities that increase understanding about bisexuality.
bullet The Australian Bisexual Network has a website that lists many international groups. See:
bullet Bisexual Resource Center has a massive list of bisexual resources and links at: Their mission "... envisions a world where love is
celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. Because bisexuals today are still misunderstood, marginalized and discriminated against, the BRC is
committed to providing support to the bisexual community and raising public awareness about bisexuality and bisexual people."
bullet The Usenet discusses all issues related to bisexuality. Its web site contains 150 pages of bisexual resources including FAQs. See:

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Support group for straight/homosexual Marriages:

The Straight Spouse Network (SSN) is a support group for the straight spouse in those marriages in which the other spouse is gay or lesbian. They have five goals:

  1. to offer caring support in a group context;
  2. to help women and men adjust to change;
  3. to deal with negative emotions;
  4. to enhance feelings of worth and personal identity;
  5. to find positive self-image and new direction.

They are also establishing an outreach program for couples who have recently begun facing the fact that only one of them is straight, and are developing an educational program to promote better understanding of homosexuality. See: 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Resources:

bullet About Love and Do Not Judge is a "... study of Christian writings about the LGBT community. ... It is designed to help all persons of the monotheistic religions, i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whatever their orientation or views, to  examine what we believe we know both biologically and biblically about these issues." See:
bullet The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has a page on lesbian and gay rights issues at:
bullet Bad Puppy has extensive archives of gay/lesbian/bisexual news at:
bullet A Swedish doctor, Dr. Niclas Berggren, has an extensive list of references on homosexuality at:
bullet has both a gay male and lesbian dating service at: 
bullet Descreet Play has an index of bisexual resources at:
bullet DiversityBuilder offers LGBT referrals to a local gay-friendly doctor, counselor, attorney or business across the U.S. See: The referrals are free to those seeking information. Professionals and companies pay a fee to be listed.
bullet The Gay Lesbian International Therapist Search Engine (GLITSE) maintains a data base of referrals to gay-positive and lesbian-positive therapists. See:
bullet God Hates Shrimp is a parody website to poke fun at homophobes. They stress the "abomination" of eating shrimp, crab, lobster, etc. according to Leviticus. See:
bullet John C. Okeefe has: "... come to the conclusion that God Hates Sodomites." This web site attempts to reveal the real perversion of the city of Sodom, that God hates.This perversion has nothing to do with same-gender sexual behavior, or of homosexual orientation. It has everything to do with pride and inhospitality towards the oppressed." See:
bullet is a helpful source of current news. See: The webmaster registered the URL "out of disgust for Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church's website" at   
bullet HRC guide Human Rights Campaign is one of the leading groups promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. See:
One of their helpful resources is their Municipal Equality Index (MEI) publications which rates U.S. cities according to their progress towards LGBT equality. It is available online at:
bullet The Independent Gay Forum is written by "libertarians, moderates, and classical liberals [holding] differing views on the role of government, personal morality, religious faith, and personal relationships." See:
bullet Lakeview Health Systems offers drug and alcohol treatment to the LGBT community from their rehabilitation facilities in Jacksonville, FL. The program is called "Freedom Rings." see:

On Being is a radio program on National Pubic Radio. A 53 minute episode discusses: "Gay Marriage: Broken or Blessed? Two Evangelical Views." See:

Since the program was originally aired during 2004-MAY, there have been many developments in same-sex marriage. By 2013, the number of countries that have legalized is has increased to 12. Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized SSM in the U.S. A significant majority of American adults now favor SSM. Support for SSM is increasing, and opposition is decreasing by 1 to 2 percentage points a year.

bullet Queer by Choice is a fascinating un-politically correct website which "exists in order to promote, condone, encourage and recruit individuals to explore their homosexuality." at: (This site may not be operational)
bullet Healing Homosexuality offers: "...peace through self-acceptance to God's gay, bisexual and queer children." It is not an ex-gay ministry; it promotes the healthy principle of self-acceptance. See:
bullet The World History of Male Love is at: The Advocate calls it "a fascinating collection of artwork and literature detailing how gay male love has always been a part of the social fabric." 
bullet World Sex Explorer has a list of ages of consent in each U.S. state and around the world. See: this data with caution; laws often change and websites sometimes make mistakes.
bullet A Yahoo club promoting equal rights for gays and lesbians is at:

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Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual publications and Internet groups:

bullet Publications:
bullet Blithe House Quarterly is a site for gay short fiction by emerging and established gay and lesbian authors at
bullet Journal of Homosexuality " devoted to scholarly research on homosexuality, including sexual practices and gender roles and their cultural, historical, interpersonal, and modern social contexts. In addition to research on human sexuality, articles in the journal also explore the political, social, and moral implications of research on human sexuality. See:
bullet Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association was "the world's first peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health." It started in 1997-DEC and was published quarterly until it was discontinued in 2002-JUN. See:  The Association's web site is at:

Total Mortgage Services® publishes "The Total Guide: Home Buying for Same Sex Couples" The guide's introduction states:

"Purchasing a home is a major undertaking for any couple, but same-sex couples must be especially diligent to make sure their investment and their interests are protected.  This is due in part to inconsistent marriage laws in America and because of varying laws handling the disposition of a property with multiple owners.  Purchasing a home with your partner is an exciting time in both of your lives, but it is absolutely imperative that you plan ahead so that you can avoid potentially serious financial and emotional stress in the future."


bullet Whosoever is a bi-monthly, 8 page newsletter for gay and lesbian Christians. The first issue, published in 1996-JUL dealt with same-sex marriage. Cost is $10.00 per year. See:
bullet Internet groups, etc:
bullet 10-20 Gay Christian Teens is a MSN group for gay and lesbian teens. The group was founded in early 2001 and has about 540 members as of mid-2004. See:
bullet PFlag (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) is a support group for (I suppose this is obvious) parents and friends of lesbians and gays. One charming home page (with at least one religious intolerance horror story at last count) is at: 
bullet Families United Against Hate (FUAH) "... provides support, guidance and assistance to families and individuals dealing with incidents based on bias; and to the people, organizations and agencies who serve and support them." See:
bullet The Internet search engine Yahoo links to many sites dealing with homosexuality at:

Transgender and Transsexual resources:

bullet We have a separate listing of websites and organizations that deal specifically with Transgenderism, transsexualism, gender dysphoria, & gender identity topics

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Links last checked on: 2011-OCT-14
Compiled by B.A. Robinson

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